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Reproductive system

The reproductive system is a system which is composed by the reproductive organs.

In according to a rank, it may be divided into the reproductive organ and the external genital organs official, separately refers to the reproductive system in vivo not obviously part and in vitro obviously part.

In according to the function, the men and women reproductive organ all may divide into two kinds: A kind is a germ cells, a kind attaches the reproductive organ. In the men and women reproductive organ germ cells all has the dual mission, one is produces the spermatozoon or the ova; Two, secretion sex hormone. The sex hormone is helpful to attaching the reproductive organ the growth and the growth. Attaches the reproductive organ the function is participation completes the sex act and completes the new life the formation and breeding.

In according to the sex, it may be divided into the female reproductive system and the male reproductive system.

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