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  Field Listing - Transportation - note

Transportation - note
Arctic Ocean sparse network of air, ocean, river, and land routes; the Northwest Passage (North America) and Northern Sea Route (Eurasia) are important seasonal waterways
Atlantic Ocean Kiel Canal and Saint Lawrence Seaway are two important waterways; significant domestic commercial and recreational use of Intracoastal Waterway on central and south Atlantic seaboard and Gulf of Mexico coast of US
Baker Island there is a day beacon near the middle of the west coast
Georgia transportation network is in poor condition resulting from ethnic conflict, criminal activities, and fuel shortages; network lacks maintenance and repair
Howland Island Earhart Light is a day beacon near the middle of the west coast that was partially destroyed during World War II, but has since been rebuilt; named in memory of famed aviatrix Amelia EARHART
Iles Eparses aids to navigation - lighthouses: Europa Island 18m; Juan de Nova Island (W side) 37m; Tromelin Island (NW point) 11m
Jarvis Island there is a day beacon near the middle of the west coast
Midway Islands airfield serves as an emergency landing site for commercial aircraft crossing the Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean Inside Passage offers protected waters from southeast Alaska to Puget Sound (Washington state)
Saint Helena there is no air connection to Saint Helena or Tristan da Cunha; an international airport for Saint Helena is in development for 2010
Southern Ocean Drake Passage offers alternative to transit through the Panama Canal
Wake Island there are no commercial or civilian flights to and from Wake Island, except in direct support of island missions; emergency landing is available

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