Anhui Province

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    Anhui Province is called Anhui, is located the Yangtze River downriver, northeast the East China area. East with Jiangsu, the Zhejiang two provinces borders, south adjoins with Jiangxi Province, west and Hubei, Henan two provinces connected, north and province and so on Shandong is neighboring. Is situated 114°43 ' - 119°38 ', north latitude 29°25 ' - 34°39 '.

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    Terrain complex, mountains and rivers grand, southwest its topography high, northeast is low. During the Yangtze River Huaihe River passes through, Huaihe River by the north is the fertile soil great distance Huaihe River plain; South of Yangtze River is the rude classification mountainous region, the peaks tower magnificently mountain range fluctuation; Between Jiangsu and Anhui for hillside low and drawn out fluctuation Jiangsu and Anhui knoll; Moreover also has in Anhui, the southern Anhui plain. The Huangshan Mountain prominent peak lotus flower peak, the elevation 1,867 meters, are this province high points.

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    This province climate take Huaihe River as, Huaihe River to the north is the warm temperate zone half moist monsoon climate, south of Huaihe River is the subtropics moist monsoon climate, the four seasons is distinct. Annual mean temperature 14 ℃ - 17 ℃, annual mean precipitation generally between 700 - 1,700 millimeters, whole year frost-free period 200 - 250 days.

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    The Anhui Province total population is 63.38 million, by the Han Nationality primarily, and has, fully, is strong, the seedling, Yi, 畲 and so on 52 national minorities. In 2002 local population birth rate 11.2 ‰, the mortality rate 5.17 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 6.03 ‰. Until locally gets employed the population 34.04 million people to 2002 year's end.

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    Anhui Province area more than 130,000 square kilometers. The entire province governs 17 places levels city, 44 municipal districts, 5 county level cities, 56 counties, the altogether 1,020 towns, 756 townships (9 ethnic townships), 220 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Hefei.

Anhui Province politics area chart

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    The Anhuiprovince is the Chinese prehistoric civilization important birthplace. In the Fanchang County person character hole discovered is for apart from the now approximately 2.5 million years ago the humanity to move the ruins as well as in excavates for three, 400,000 years with the county Longtan hole ago the paleolithic period "and the county ape-man" the ruins, indicated the ancient times time had the humanity to live the multiplication in this. 毫 state when Shang Dynasty once for became of soup, ancient long-lived spring (now Showhsien) when Spring and Autumn Period Warring States once for Chu country capital. Western Zhou Dynasty time, nearby Anhui mountain Anhui uncle. South Martial emperor of Han dynasty patrolled, once ascended the Anhui mountain sacrificial offering, the Anhui mountain from this the reputation big quake, its abbreviation also originated from this. When Spring and Autumn Period is country and so on Wu, Chu; The Warring States time is the Chu place; Qin is Jiujiang, Mount Hengshan, 泗水 and so on the county; The Chinese is Yang, Xu, Henan three states; When Tang Dynasty belongs road and so on Chiangnan, Huai Nan as well as Henan; The Yuan is Henan and the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces line 中书省; Bright time Chihli Nanjing; Qing Dynasty Kanghsi first year officially builds Anhui Province. At that time because Anking's has become the entire province politics center, Huizhou for the economy and the business center, therefore by Anking, the Huizhou two government offices first character naming, continues to use until now.

    The Anhui history was glorious, once occurred in this has revolted many times. Mainly has the big Ze township revolt which in our country history first peasant uprising - Chen Sheng, Wu Guang leads as well as "the Mangdang revolts", "Fangla Uprising", "the Nian Army revolts" and in Taiping Heavenly Kingdom movement Anking defends the war and so on the famous historical event. This province or has the honorable revolutionary tradition the area, as early as in the Second Revolutionary Civil War time, west Anhui Province belongs to the Hubei Henan Anhui revolutionary base, has developed the suitable scale red army troops, revolutionized for China has raised large quantities of revolutionary backbones. The Sino-Japanese War time, New Fourth Army within the boundaries of Anhui opened east Anhui, the Anhui northeast and the southern Anhui War of Resistance against Japan base area after the enemy. The Kuomintang diehard implements the surrender 反工 policy, has raised the second 反共 high tide. At the beginning of 1941, have made the Anhui year emergency which shocks China and the world.

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    The Anhui Province agriculture is more developed, the Huaibei host produces the wheat, the sorghum, the sweet potato, the Huai Nan host produces the paddy rice, the wheat. In industrial crop cotton, tobacco, bluish dogbane, fuel oils output quite big, the tea produces quite is also famous, the fresh water fish cultivation is situated the national front row. In 2002 the entire province produces the grain 27.65 million tons, the fuel oils 2.82 million tons, the cotton 337,000 tons, the fruit 1.74 million tons. Whole year the meats output amounts to 3.17 million tons, the milk class 74,000 tons, the aquatic product 1.634 million tons. This province mineral resource richer, the industry mines coal, the steel and iron, non-ferrous metal smelting primarily, Huai Nan's coal mine, Ma'anshan's steel and iron industry very is all famous, other for example: Development and so on electric power, chemical industry, machinery, building materials, spinning and weaving quite is also quick.

    In 2002 completes the GDP 356.9 billion Yuan, industrial production resultant is 129.1 billion Yuan, produces the raw coal 61.38 million tons, the steel 6.38 million tons, the end product steel products 6.7 million tons, the cement 24.04 million tons, the pig iron 6.47 million tons, the cloth 640 million meters, home use electric refrigerator 2.06 million. Realizes the fixed asset investment 79.2 billion Yuan. The cities inhabitant average per person may control the income is 6,032 Yuan, actual disbursement 6,629 Yuan.


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    Anhui Province's transportation take the railroad primarily, Beijing to Shanghai, Huai Nan, the Anhui Jianxi, Beijing nine, the Gansu sea, rather the copper and so on as the main railroad skeleton line; The water transportation is also more developed, Wuhu, the abundant brook mouth, Ma'anshan, Tongling, Anking, Huai Nan, Bengfu are the river port, Yangtze River, Huaihe River and its the branch majority of all may be open to navigation; The road has formed take city and so on Hefei as a center, may understand various villages and towns the road transportation network; The aviation take Hefei as a center, may fly to inside and outside the province more than 20 cities.

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    Anhui Province traveling resources rich, Mingshan scattered about, the Xiu high tide class, the historical culture is glorious, the scenic spot historical site spreads all over, is one of national traveling big provinces. Huangshan Mountain is our country one of four Mingshan, the Jiuhaua is the Buddhism Holy Land, moreover also has the Tienchu mountain, the Langya mountain all is the national famous scenery scenic spot area. In addition the uneven mountain, by wonderful Shi Guaiya, the hole gorge pond spring is famous, Ma'anshan picks the rocky ledge to pass on jumps Jiang Lanyue for the Li 白醉 liquor place, but also has Jing xian the New Fourth Army military headquarters former site, revolutionary ruins and so on the Huai-Hai campaign 总前委 former site.

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