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    Beijing is capital of the People's Republic of China , is national politics, the economy, the scientific culture, the transportation center. Is the national level historical city and the ancient capital, simultaneously also is a modernized international metropolis. Beijing is located the east longitude 115°25 ' - 117°30 ', the north latitude 39°28 ' - 41°05 ', is situated at the Huabei Pingyuan northmost part, three is neighboring with Hebei, southeast and Tianjin adjoins.

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    Beijing topography northwest high, southeast is low, north and west is continuously hills, the north Jundu is the Mt. yanshan sierra, the elevation in 800 - 1,000 meters; The western Xishan is the Mount Taihang -odd arteries, the elevation about 1,000 - 1,500 meters, the Dongling elevation 2,303 meters, are this city high points. Eastern part is the low and drawn out plain. Yongding river, Chaobaihe River, north the canal, □t the river, Juma River are five big rivers, is the Haihe river river system, Yongding river for biggest rivers.

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    Beijing belongs to the warm temperate zone continental monsoon climate, the four seasons distinct, the dry multi- winds, summer the burning hot multi- rain, the autumn bright and crisp fall days, the winter cold is spring dry. Annual mean temperature in 10 ℃ - 12 ℃ between, about annual mean precipitation 680 millimeters. Whole year frost-free period 180 - 200 days.

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    The Beijing total population 14.23 million, is in the world one of population density biggest cities, by the Han Nationality primarily, has in addition, is full, Mongolia and so on the national minority. In 2002 the population birth rate is 6.60 ‰, the mortality rate 5.70 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 0.90 ‰. Until reaches 7990000 to 2002 year's end whole city altogether employment personnel.

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    The Beijing whole city area 16,800 square kilometers, govern east city, western city, honor in the article, the Xuanwu Period 4 cities the area and Haidian, Chaoyang, Shijing Hill, Fengtai, Men-Tou vallely, Fangshan, Tong state, Shunyi, energetically, Pinggu, Changping, the Huairou 12 cities suburbs, as well as Yenking, Miyun 2 counties. Altogether includes 141 towns, 51 townships (5 ethnic townships), 130 subdistrict offices.
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    Beijing has the glorious history and the bright culture, is apart from now approximately 50 - 700,000 year ago "Peking man" on the life in on the Beijing Fangshan Choukoution's keel mountain; Is apart from now approximately 20,000 year ago "upper cave man" to live in the Choukoution keel mountain summit cavern. Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time swallow nationally established all Beijing, calls the setose thistle, hereafter distant, the gold, the Yuan, bright, are clear successively founds a capital in this. On October 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was tenable, Beijing became new Chinese the capital.

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    This city in 2002 completes the GDP 313 billion Yuan. Completes the primary industry GDP 9.55 billion Yuan, second industry GDP more than 111.4 billion Yuan, industrial production resultant 87 billion Yuan, architecture industry more than 24.4 billion Yuan. The tertiary industry GDP 192 billion Yuan, transportation stored in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 23.3 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 25.1 billion Yuan, GDP grows 10.2% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 27,746 Yuan/people. In 2002 completes the fixed asset investment 168.2 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation investment approximately 17 billion Yuan. In 2002 completes customs total amount of import-export trade 52.5 billion US dollars (according to management unit locus minute). The foreign investment enterprise import-export goods total amount is more than 877,300 US dollars, import amount more than 475,700 US dollars, export amount more than 401,600 US dollars.

    This boundary take the vegetables, the food meat, the milk, the egg birds and beasts and so on as the main non-staple food product. The agriculture, forestry, grazing and fishing full scale development, the staple crop has the wheat, the corn, the sweet potato, the soybean, the paddy rice, the sorghum, the cotton, the fruit and so on. The fruit host produces the persimmon, the pear, the apricot, the peach, the apple, the Chinese chestnut, the walnut, the grape, the watermelon, the jujube and so on. Peking white pear, the Changping persimmon, the Miyun small jujube, the good township Chinese chestnut, energetically the watermelon and so on enjoys the great reputation, "the Beijing roast duck" is well-known the world. Beijing is one of national biggest comprehensive industrial cities. The industry is more developed, the electron, the machinery, the science and technology, the culture and education, the building materials, the spinning and weaving, the papermaking, printing, the hardware, the glass, the measuring appliance, the chemical industry and so on have the bigger construction scale. Within the boundaries the mineral resource mainly has the coal, the iron, the copper, the nickel, the lead, the zinc, the molybdenum and so on 60 many kinds of. Coal mine reserves is rich, is national one of five big anthracite habitats. The limestone, the marble, 陶粒 the shale and so on more than ten kind of mineral resource reserves occupy national first ten.


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    Beijing has the railroad, the road, the commercial aviation connects each place, and has leads to the overseas international train, the international airways, is the national transportation key position. Beijing is broad, Beijing nine, Beijing to Shanghai, the Beijing Kazak, the Beijing package, the Beijing Qin, and so on the track line may go directly to outside Tibet in the mainland the provincial capital, the municipality and the autonomous region capital. The urban district subway date passenger transport rate reaches million people. The road take Tiananmen as the center criss-crossed network. Gets up from Beijing's federal highway, the provincial road and so on extends in all directions. Recent years cleared Beijing and Tianjin Tang, Beijing stone, and by urban district to capital airport, urban district to Tong state, urban district to Badaling five highways more convenient capitals transportation. The commercial aviation has cleared more than 70 routes, may fly to the domestic more than 50 cities and the overseas more than 20 countries and the area.

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    The glorious history caused Beijing to assemble the multitudinous scenic spot historical site, main scenic site more than 300 place, including multitudinous ancient times palace architectural complex, imperial botanical garden, world temple monastery, king 陵寝, ancient tower carved stone and so on. Because is the the Six Dynasties ancient capital therefore enable Beijing to have one kind magnificently, the magnanimous king meteorology, urban setting rigorous, the city standard, the streets and alleys neat, grand are dignified. Beijing is attracting the domestic and foreign tourists by its unique charm. In 2002 travels the person to amount to 3.104 million people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 3.11 billion US dollars.

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