Guizhou Province

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    Guizhou Province because once supposed the Guizhou cloth politics department to acquire fame, saved northeast the boundary when Qin shu middle the Guizhou Province therefore was called Guizhou Province or is expensive. Is located east the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, upstream Yangtze River. East is neighboring with Hunan Province, west borders on with Yunnan Province, south and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region border, north and Sichuan and Chongqing adjoining. Is situated at the east longitude 103°31 ' - 109°30 ', north latitude 24°30 ' - 29°13 '.

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    The Guizhou landform is west China the plateau mountainous region, the elevation about the kilometer, west the topography Gao Dongdi, to the south, north, east three inclines. West is the plateau, middle is the mountainous region plateau, north is the mountainous region, the main sierra has the Wumeng, the Dalou, Miao Ling, the Fanjing and so on, in the province spreads many small basins, the knoll, the small plain, the karst landform broad cloth, the terrain is being complex. Wu River, Qingshui Jiang, Chishui River, Dulin Jiang, south the plate river, Beipan Jiang and so on are within the boundaries the main rivers. The grass sea is in the province the biggest natural lake.

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    Guizhou Province is situated at subtropics East Aisa mainland monsoon area, is the subtropics moist monsoon climate. Entire province majority of regional climate temperate moist, four seasons distinct, the multi- overcast weather, the winter is not severely cold, the summer does not have the intense summer heat. Rain water abundant, illumination condition sufficient, the climate characteristic in the vertical direction difference bigger, the three-dimensional climate is remarkable. Annual mean temperature 10 ℃ - 20 ℃, annual mean precipitation 900 - 1,500 millimeters. The local climate assumes the multiplicity, has "mountain minute four seasons, ten mile different day" saying; The climate is unstable, disaster types of weather more, drought, autumn wind, Ling Dong, hail and so on more frequent, especially is serious to the agricultural production harm.

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    The Guizhou Province total population 38.37 million, has the Chinese, the seedling, Dong, Puyi, Yi, the water, returns to, Gelao, is strong, precious, Tuchia nationality and so on more than 40 nationalities. National minority approximately composes 34.8%.In 2002 population birth rate 17.96 ‰, mortality rate 7.21 ‰, natural rate of growth 10.75 ‰. Cuts off 底本 the province employment personnel reaches 20.81 million people to 2002.

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    The Guizhou Province area more than 170,000 square kilometers, altogether govern 2 local, 4 places levels cities, 3 autonomous prefectures, 9 municipal districts, 9 county level cities, 56 counties, 11 autonomous counties, 2 special zones, the altogether 697 towns, 760 townships (253ethnic townships),82subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Guiyang.

Guizhou Province politics area chart

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    Guizhou is has the glorious tradition the revolutionary old liberated area, the entire province various races people revolutionized for China have successfully made the important contribution. At the beginning of 1935, the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army fought in one place after another the Guizhou plateau, the Communist Party of China on the way convenes in the Long March had the great transition significance "the Zunyi Conference". The conference has established Comrade Mao Zedong in the entire party entire armed forces leadership status, established China to revolutionize the victory foundation. Its history glorious, the administrative area delimits the change to be bigger. Spring and Autumn Period before is Jingchu a part. The Spring and Autumn Period time, within the boundaries the clan and tribe stands in great numbers, is biggest by □□□□ the country. The Warring States time for the Chu country Guizhou Province in, the night of court attendant country becomes rules majority of local the place to establish a separatist regime the political power. When Qin, Chinese belongs □□□□, cuts, benefits two states. Tang Zhiqian middle course; When Song the majority of areas are 夔 the state road, play an ace the year indigenous collar rectangular state to pledge allegiance to the royal government, because the patois "rectangular" said "is expensive", the beginning has a Guizhou name. The Ming Dynasty time sets up Guizhou cloth politics commissioner; Clear is Guizhou Province, governs basically delimits. After new China had been established, the entire province administrative area delimits also has the new change.

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    Within the boundaries the agricultural development is quicker, the crops have the paddy rice, the corn, the wheat, the yam, other also have the tobacco, the rape, the sugar cane, the oak silkworm cocoon, the tea, the cotton, the China grass and so on. In 2002 the total agricultural output value is 43.1 billion Yuan, the grain yield is 10.34 million tons, the fuel oils 730,000 tons, the sugar 740,000 tons, the fruit 400,000 tons, the meats 1.39 million tons. Animal husbandry main raising cow, horse, pig, sheep, chicken, duck, goose and so on. The wild animal has is national level of protections the rhinopithecus roxellanaes, the South China tiger, the white crane, the black crane, 金雕, the old age crane, the cloud leopard, China 秋沙鸭 and so on. Forest, the forest fruit category are more. The timber wood tree seed has the Chinese pinus montana, the cedar, the masson pine and so on; The special economical tree seed has the Eucommia, the lacquer tree, 盐肤木, the palm and so on; The arboreal oil tree seed mainly has the tea-oil tree, the oil tung, Wu Jiu and so on; The dry fruit class tree seed has the walnut, the Chinese chestnut and so on. The rare and precious tree seed has the cathaya argrophylla, the bare cedar, the goose's foot clutches, 桫 椤, the Chinese dove tree, the tetracentron, the Fujian cedar and so on. The industry has formed industrial system and so on the metallurgy, coal, electric power, machinery, chemical industry, building materials, cigarette, spinning and weaving, papermaking, aviation, food. Mineral resource rich, has the reserves many, the personal status is high, the distributed collection medium characteristic. Mainly has the mercury, the barite, the gypsum, the asbestos, the ceramic porcelain clay, the magnesium and so on.

    In 2002 this real estate raw coal 50.01 million tons, the steel 1.95 million tons, the pig iron 1.86 million tons, the end product steel products 1.78 million tons, the cement 11.21 million tons, the agriculture uses the chemical fertilizer 1.64 million tons, the power rate 57.4 billion kilowatt-hours. In 2002 realizes the GDP 118 billion Yuan, grew 9.1% compared to the last year. Completes the primary industry total output value 28.1 billion Yuan, completes the second industrial 47.5 billion Yuan, industrial output 37.1 billion Yuan, architecture industry 10.4 billion Yuan. Completes the tertiary industry total output value 42.5 billion Yuan. In 2002 per capital GDP 3,140 Yuan. Realizes the fixed asset investment 52.8 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 11.8 billion Yuan. Realizes the local finance to receive 10.8 billion Yuan, the local finance disburses 31.56 billion Yuan. The local cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 5,944 Yuan, the countryside inhabitant average per person net income approximately 1,490 Yuan.      


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    The Guizhou transportation take the railroad as the backbone, the Guizhou Province Guangxi, the Sichuan Guizhou Province, Gui Kun, the Hunan Guizhou Province four railroads becomes the cross overlapping, becomes this province transportation the aorta south, has the elder brother railroad to pass this province north west in addition; The road take Guiyang, Zunyi, Anshun and so on as a center, connects through this province railroad, causes the transportation to be more convenient; The inland river shipping course is long, has Wu River, the Chishui River downriver and so on the important route; The aviation take Guiyang as the center passable toward the national more than 20 major and medium cities.

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    Guizhou Province's yellow fruit tree waterfall by the waterfall, the deep pool, the hole is composed, main waterfall height 74 meters, with overpowering momentum, the sound like thunder, neighbor also has the hoodoo, the limestone cave and the red rock tablet, Guan Suomiao, historical site and so on day Long Miao, is the traveling best destination. The Guiyang armor Xiu building, Guizhou Province Lingshan, the flowered brook, the underground park and so on are fascinating, moreover wards off has 织金 the hole, the red maple tree lake, the dragon palace, 荔波 scenery scenic spot area and so on camphor tree river, Chishui, as well as scenic site and so on the Fanjing, Zunyi Conference conference site, Loulan all is attracting the Chinese and foreign tourist by the oneself unique charm. Within the boundaries of 2002 goes to travel the population 230,000 people, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount is 100 million US dollars.
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