Heilongjiang Province

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    Heilongjiang Province is called black, is located our country most north border region, east, north borders on take Wusu in and the river Heilongjiang as and Russia, west is neighboring with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, south and southwest and Jilin adjoins. Is situated at the east longitude 121°13 ' - 135°06 ', north latitude 43°26 ' - 53°34 '.

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    This boundary terrain complex, northeast part, north and southeast area topography high, northeastern part and the north west is low. The mountainous region accounts for the entire province total area 58%, the plain accounts for 28%, approximately divides four areas: Northeastern part for 松江 the plain, northeastern part is three rivers plains, southeast area is includes the Wanda, Zhang Guangcai the mountain and the master range and so on the mountainous region, northeast part is Xiao Xing'an range. The rivers are the Heilongjiang river system, mainly has Muling River, the Wusuli River, Mudanjiang, 拉林 the river, Hulan River and so on.

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    Heilongjiang Province belongs to the cold temperate zone - temperate zone, the moist - half moist monsoon climate, the winter long also cold, summer is short, west northmost part does not have the summer, the annual mean temperature in -6 ℃ - 4 ℃, annual mean precipitation in 250 - 700 millimeters, frost-free period approximately 100 - 150 days.

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    The Heilongjiang Province total population 38.13 million, has the Chinese, North Korea, Mongolia, is full, returns to, reaches mediates you wise, the Siberia, Oronchon, the hertz, nationality and so on Kirgiz, Evenki. In 2002 the population birth rate 7.98 ‰, the mortality rate 5.44 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 2.54 ‰. Until to 2002 year's end, the entire province altogether employment personnel reaches 16260000.

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   The Heilongjiang Province area more than 460,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 1 local, 12 places levels city, 64 municipal districts, 19 county level cities, 46 counties, 1 autonomous county. Namely: 475 towns, 469 townships (59 ethnic townships), 318 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Harbin.

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    The Tang Dynasty Heilongjiang supposes the Hebei Shiwei commanding officer government office, the Bohai Sea commanding officer government office, the Heilongjiang River commanding officer government office; Song Dynasty Nuzhen race 完颜 extinguishes distantly constructs the gold, supposes goes to the capital the road, Hu Ligai the road, 蒲 the range road with Taizhou, 肇州; The Yuan supposes the New Year road, Shui Dada the road; Ming Shenu does all takes charge of; The Qing Dynasty is Heilongjiang general, rather ancient tower general has jurisdiction over the Heilongjiang basin. The Japanese and Puppet rules the time, belongs the Longjiang province, three Jiang Sheng, the Bin Jiang province, Heihe province, the Mudanjiang province, north Ontario Province, east Ontario Province. In 1946, the Heilongjiang entire boundary liberated, after the founding of the nation supposed Heilongjiang Province and 松江 the province, in 1954 two provinces merges called Heilongjiang Province.

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    Heilongjiang Province is one of our country most important commodity grain production bases, the main grain crops have the spring wheat, the soybean, the corn, the millet, the paddy rice, the yam and the sorghum and so on. The industrial crop mainly has the flax, the leaf tobacco and the beet. In 2002 the entire province grain yield is 29.41 million tons, the grain 21.96 million tons, the fuel oils 530,000 tons, the sugar 4.38 million tons, the fruit 320,000 tons, the meats 1.44 million tons, pork 820,000 tons, mutton 280,000 tons, beef 50,000 tons, milk class 2.4 million tons, aquatic product 420,000 tons. The forest resources type are more, in the forest has 东北虎, the sable, the otter, 猞猁 and so on the precious animal, as well as velvet, windproof, Huang Qi, fruit of Chinese magnoliavine, Long Dancao, cork, musk and so on wild raw material for medicine. Heilongjiang Province is our country important heavy industry base, Harbin "three dozen powers", Daqing's oil field, 富拉尔基 the heavy duty machinery, Kiamusu's papermaking, all is the extra large type enterprise. Within the boundaries the coal, the lumber and so on occupy the national first place. Mineral resource mainly by petroleum, gold, copper, lead, graphite and so on primarily.

    In 2002 entire province realization GDP approximately 390.2 billion Yuan. Completes the primary industry GDP 44.7 billion Yuan, second industry GDP 218.6 billion Yuan (industry 193.5 billion Yuan, architecture industry 25.3 billion Yuan). Completes the tertiary industry GDP 126.6 billion Yuan, transportation stored in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 26.5 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 38.6 billion Yuan, GDP grows 10.3% compared to the last year, the realization per capital GDP 10,235 Yuan. In 2002 local completes the fixed asset investment 90.7 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 21.32 billion Yuan. Realization financial revenue 23.2 billion Yuan, expenditure 53.2 billion Yuan. In 2002 the local cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 6,101 Yuan.


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    Heilongjiang is our country constructs one of railroad earliest provinces, the transportation take the railroad as a backbone. North the Beijing Kazak, the shore state, Kazak good, the shore pacifies, the male chart, male good, Qi Bei, even uneven, pacifies, rich tender, good is rich, in front of the luck and so on the Heavenly Stems and the Earthly Branches track line take Harbin, Tsitsihar, Kiamusu, the Mudanjiang four economic centers to all around radiates as the axle center, and has the international skeleton line to lead to Russia, North Korea. The road may understand frontier cities and so on the Mohe River, Heihe, Fuyuan. This province is north part of our country the water transportation most developed province, Heilongjiang, the Songhua River, the Nenjiang River, Hulan River, the Wusuli River and so on majority of may be open to navigation in the thawing time. The aviation take Harbin as a center, may fly to the domestic and foreign more than 30 cities.

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    Heilongjiang's traveling resources is extremely rich, here has the Xingan range the boundless forest snowfield, the forest traveling area, the natural 狩 hunting ground wild animal raising base, some five Dalian pond scenic spot, small north lake underground forest, but also has the Asian strength cloth ski field, Harbin's ice lantern, the ice sculpture, Songhua River's solar island, 密山 Xingkai Lake and so on all specially attracts the tourist. Cuts off goes to travel more than 710,000 people to 2002 within the boundaries, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount amounts to 300 million US dollars.
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