Henan Province

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    Is located middle and lower reaches Yellow River the area, east with Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui three provinces adjoining, south with Hubei Province neighboring, west with Shanxi, Shanxi Province is connected, north borders on with Hebei Province. Because majority of south of Yellow River, therefore Henan. Is situated at the east longitude 110°21 ' - 116°39 ', north latitude 31°23 ' - 36°22 '.

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    Is situated at Tongguan therefore east of in city Yellow River, the downriver. West the topography Gao Dongdi, south, north, west three is surrounded by the mountainous region, eastern part is the plain, the north west for the Nanyang basin. Mount Taihang, Funiu Mountain, the Tongbai, Dabie Mountain are the China natural blockade. Qinling mountain system four Yu Mai assumes in this province fan-shaped and southeast launches to northeast, west constitution area general Henan mountainous area. North Mt. Yaoshan's Yu Maimang the mountain, extends along the Yellow River Nanan, middle two for Xiong Ershan and the Waifang, Mt. Songshan tower to east northmost part low mountain rolling country, the different peak breaks out, one of for our country five mountains, is known as the mountain; South the Funiu Mountain arteries surround to the Nanyang basin two sides and north the edge, the group peak are lofty, are continuous several hundred miles. Tongbai and rude classification sierra, blue Xiu 逶迤, spectacular, spans Yu Yu, Hubei, the Anhui frontier, constitutes south Henan the mountainous area. Northwest Mount Taihang arteries, the high mountain ridge, tall and straight is grand, some school of pound majestic imposing manner. Within the boundaries the rivers multi- origins to the western mountainous region, belongs Haihe river, Yellow River, Huaihe River, the Yangtze River four big river systems, mainly has Yellow River, Huaihe River, Yiluo River, Qinhe river, 洪河, Yinghe, the Baihe River, always fills the river, Wei River, Shahe and so on.

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    Henan Province is the warm temperate zone - subtropics, the moist - half moist monsoon climate, the winter is cold, few sleet; Is spring arid, multi- sandstorm; Summer burning hot, the rainfall is abundant; Autumn sunny, the sunshine is sufficient. Annual mean temperature 12 ℃ - 16 ℃, annual mean precipitation 500 - 900 millimeters.

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    The Henan Province total population 96.13 million, the overwhelming majority is the Han Nationality. In addition also includes, is full, Mongolia and so on the national minority. In 2002 this province population birth rate is 12.41 ‰, the mortality rate 6.38 ‰, natural rate of growth 6.03 ‰. 2002 local employment personnel 55.22 million.

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    This province area more than 160,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 17 places levels city, 48 municipal districts, 21 county level cities, 89 counties, altogether 869 towns, 1,252 townships (21 ethnic townships), 301 subdistrict offices, provincial capital Zhengzhou.

Henan Province politics area chart

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    Henan because the ancient times are Yu state, therefore is called Henan. Its history is glorious, since the ancient times, has had the ancients to live the multiplication in this, has created the bright ancient civilization. Within the boundaries discovered ape-man molar fossil, approximately with "Peking men" time quite. Together with Xu Chang, Anyang such as the places unearthed each kind of stone implement, proved in is apart from now four, 500,000 years to 10,000 year ago paleolithic period, has the humanity to live. Is apart from now 10000 to 4000 ago neolites time cultural remains site, had discovered several hundred are many, unearthed massive utensils, including famous "Pei Ligang culture", "Yangshao culture" and "Longshan culture", has demonstrated Henan in the primitive society later period prosperous picture. B.C.E. (summer) are our country enter the slave society the 21st century to previous 17th century the start. Hands down Xia Chao to found a capital in this has Yangcheng (Dengfeng), positive Zhai (Yu county), pours out seeks (Gong Xian or 偃师), original (Jiyuan), the emperor earthen mound (Puyang), the old earthen mound (Kaifeng). When Shang Dynasty once five time moved the capital, four time within the boundaries of Henan, the Anyang Yin Dynasty ruins was the famous Shang Dynasty later period the capital city ruins. The Western Zhou Dynasty take Luoyang as the east all, builds has Wang Cheng and Cheng Zhoucheng. The feudal lord country enfeoffs which within the boundaries of Henan mainly has the health (the Qi county), the tube (Zhengzhou), Cai (上蔡), Song (business earthen mound), Chen (Huaiyang) and so on. B.C.E. 475 - 221 years Warring States time, our country entered the feudal society, the area south of Yellow River area has become battlefield of the independent warlords contention. In the later long historical perpetual flow, Henan in politics, the economy, the culture throughout will occupy the important status.

    The Henan celebrity pours forth in the Chinese history. The Spring and Autumn Period time has the renowned philosopher, the thinker father, and is having "the Dao De Jing"; When Spring and Autumn Period Chu country has the renowned water conservation grandson 叔敖; When Warring States has the statesman, strategist Shang Yang, in the Qin country implementation political reform, positively impelled the function at that time to the productive forces development; The implementation gathers the vertical policy east, once wore six countries to print, forces the Qin country for 15 years not to dare Hanguguan's Soviet Qin; Warring States well-known legalist school Han Fei Zi; Assists Li Si which Chin Shihhuang unifies China; Formulates the armillary sphere and the seismograph renowned writer, the scientist open the graduated arm; Eastern Han Dynasty renowned great doctor Zhang Zhongjing; Renowned poet, writer Du Fu, Han Yu as well as Southern Song Dynasty anti- gold national hero Yue Fei, famous against Japan heroic lucky great wild goose prosperous, Northeast Anti-Japanese Amalgamated Army commander in chief Yang Qingyu, New Fourth Army fourth Shi Division Commander Peng Xuefeng and so on, stems from Henan Province.

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    The Henan climatic conditions more superior, the Huang He and Huai He plain ground smooth, the land fertile, the ground water resources is rich, is suitable each kind of crops' growth, is this province main agricultural region. The grain crops by the wheat, the corn, the paddy rice, the yam, the legumes primarily, the industrial crop mainly have the cotton, the peanut, the tobacco, the sesame seed, the fruit and so on. Mineral resource rich, has become the national industry construction key area, places such as Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan forms the new industrial base, industry and so on coal, machine manufacture, spinning and weaving has been more influential in the nation. This province mineral resource rich, the mountainous area contains has the abundant metal and the nonmetalliferous ore, is especially richest by the bauxite reserves, is situated national second. In addition also has the iron, the copper, the tungsten, the lead, the zinc, the molybdenum as well as the marble, the dolomite, the fluorspar, the silica, 石英石, the talc, the graphite, the bentonite, the zeolite, the rare earth and so on.

    In 2002 local completes the GDP 616.3 billion Yuan, grew 9.5% compared to the last year. Per capital GDP 6,431 Yuan. Among them, completes the primary industry resultant is 128.2 billion Yuan, the agricultural output value 136 billion Yuan, produces the grain 42.1 million tons, the fuel oils 4.21 million tons, the cotton 760,000 tons, the fruit 4.27 million tons; Completes the second industrial resultant 295.3 billion Yuan, industrial output is 253.3 billion Yuan, the architecture industry 42 billion Yuan. Produces the raw coal 99.21 million tons, the cement 44.81 million tons, the agriculture uses the flowered fat 3.08 million tons, the power rate 87.8 billion kilowatt-hours, the steel output 6.72 million tons, home use electric refrigerator 1.29 million. Completes the tertiary industry output value 192.8 billion Yuan, transportation stores in a storehouse with the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 48.6 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 46.5 billion Yuan.

    In 2002 realizes the financial revenue 29.7 billion Yuan, the expenditure 62.9 billion Yuan. The cities inhabitant average per person may control the income is 6,245 Yuan, actual disbursement 5,745 Yuan. In 2002 the local countryside inhabitant average per person net income amounts to 2,216 Yuan, the main branch leaves 2,362 Yuan. In 2002 local completes the fixed asset investment 111.6 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 23.4 billion Yuan, capital investment 69.4 billion Yuan.


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    Henan is situated at the national railway network the central region, is our country railway communication important highway, the Jing-Guang Railroad and the Long-Hai railroad vertically and horizontally passes through the entire province, in addition Beijing nine Jiao Liu, too burnt, new burnt, Jiao Zhi, was new 菏 and so on the skeleton line constituted this province railroad communications network. The highway traffic is one of present stage Henan Province's main transportation ways, take Zhengzhou and the administrative office station as the center, understands various villages and towns. The inland river shipping take the health, Huaihe River as the main route, Zhoukou, 漯河 is the important river port. Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Sanmen Straits have the civil scheduled flight to lead to the national more than 40 cities.

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    The Henan history is glorious, name of the some Chinese nation cradle, the scenic spot historical site spreads all over. Luoyang, Kaifeng, Anyang, Nanyang, business earthen mound are listed as the nation historical city. National key scenery scenic spot area Mt. Songshan, one of for five mountains, the room mountain is composed by too room Shan Heshao, has Shaolin Temple, center the mountain shrine, the Mt. Songshan temple tower, Mt. Songshan three 阙, the lofty positive academy, observes the stars and so on the scenic spot. In addition also has the Longmen Grottoes, Jigong, the Baima Temple, Guan Lin, Xiangguo Temple, the Baogong ancestral hall, the Jiugong, the Yin Dynasty ruins and so on take the humanities landscape and the natural landscape as main tour content Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Luoyang, the Sanmen Straits traveling hot line has formed, the Shaolin boxing and the Chen Taijiquan, attracts the multitudinous foreign friend to come to study in admiration of somebody's fame.
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