Hubei Province

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    Is located the Yangtze River middle reaches, east adjoins with Anhui Province, south with, Hunan, the Jiangxi two provinces borders, west borders on with Chongqing, northwest meets Shanxi Province, north depends on Henan Province. Is situated at the east longitude 108°21 ' - 116°07 ', north latitude 29°05 ' - 33°20 '.

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    Within the boundaries west the topography Gao Dongdi, west, north, east three goes around a mountain, south central by the knoll and the plain primarily, approximately divides southwest Hubei the mountainous region, the Hubei northwest mountainous region, southeast the Hubei northeast low mountain knoll, Hubei the low mountain knoll, the Jianghan plain and so on six areas. The main sierra has Mount Wudang, the Daba, the Wuling, Wushan, Dabie Mountain, the Dahong and so on. The Yangtze River birthplace flows south this province, its branch Hanjiang River also flows after this province. Shennongjia's non- famous peak elevation 3,105 meters, are this province high points. The boundary inland river lake is multitudinous, has "the land of a thousand lakes" the laudatory name. Yangtze River flows by the west to the east after the province in more than 20 counties cities, for within the boundaries main rivers. Has its branch Hanjiang River, Qingjiang, Dongjing River, the Zhang water, Fushui, the Pakistan water in addition and so on.

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    Hubei Province belongs to the subtropics moist monsoon climate. Four seasons distinct, is spring changeable, Xia Reduo the rain, the bright and crisp fall days, the winter cold few rain. Illumination sufficient, precipitation abundant, the rain hot same season, frost-free period is long. Annual mean temperature 13 ℃ - 18 ℃, annual mean precipitation approximately between 750 - 1,500 millimeters.

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    The Hubei Province total population 59.88 million, has the Chinese, Tuchia nationality, the seedling, returns to, is full, Dong, Mongolia and so on more than 40 nationalities.In 2002 baby birth rate 8.38 ‰, mortality rate 6.17 ‰, natural rate of growth 2.21 ‰. In 2002 the local employment personnel reaches 24670000.

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    This province area more than 180,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 1 autonomous prefecture, 12 places levels city, 38 municipal districts, 24 county level cities, 37 counties, 2 autonomous counties, 1 forest region, including 738 towns, 224 townships (9 ethnic townships), 272 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Wuhan.

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    Hubei Province because of is situated at Dongting Lake to acquire fame by the north, and further because Wuchang governs after the Sui Dynasty for the Hubei state is called Hubei. Its history is glorious, as early as here has the humanity in several hundred thousand years ago to live. Jingshan County Qu Jialing the unearthed egg shell painted pottery, is apart from the now for more than 4,000 years, Huangpi County excavates the unearthed Shang Dynasty old city - "盘龙 the city" the ruins to be apart from now to have more than 3,000 years the history. Hubei when three countries belongs to Jing Zhou, when the Qing Dynasty Kanghsi emperor sets at Hubei Province, province continues to use until now.

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    This province resources is rich, Jianghan plain for national important rice, wheat production area, moreover also has industrial crop and so on the cotton, fuel oils, hemp, tobacco. Hanshui River and the lake district lotus root and the fish are more famous. In 2002 entire province realization primary industry total output value 70.7 billion Yuan. Produces the grain 20.47 million tons, the oil-bearing grops 2.45 million tons, the cotton 320,000 tons, the sugar 920,000 tons, the aquatic product output 2.72 million tons, the meats 2.78 million tons. Steel and iron, machine manufacture for this province most important industry sector, moreover also has department and so on electric power, automobile, spinning and weaving. The mineral resource mainly has the iron, the copper, the gypsum, the phosphorus, the rock salt and so on. In 2002 completes the GDP 497.6 billion Yuan, grew 9.1% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 8,319 Yuan. Completes the industrial output 216.8 billion Yuan, produces the steel 11.08 million tons, the pig iron 9.43 million tons, the power rate 60.7 billion kilowatt-hours. In 2002 realizesthe financial revenue 24.3 billion Yuan, the expenditure 51.1 billion Yuan, completes the fixed asset investment 126 billion Yuan. The cities inhabitant average per person complete income is 7,142 Yuan, actual disbursement 7,160 Yuan.


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    Hubei is the thing, the north and south land, is spatial, the water transportation transportation key position, the traffic line extends in all directions. Beijing was broad, Jiao Zhi, a willow tree, Beijing nine and so on the line as well as assists changes, Chinese Dan, Wu Daxian and so on constituted this province railroad communications network. The highway traffic is developed, the highway crosses the thing. The inland river shipping take Wuhan as a center, take Yangtze River as the most aorta, Hanshui River is the second water transportation skeleton line, is extremely convenient. The aviation take Wuhan as a center, passable toward province inside and outside more than 50 cities.

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    Hubei is the magnificent bright Chu culture cradle, holds the important status in the Chinese history. Is well-known the Chinese and foreign ancient vestige, the beautiful elegant region of rivers and lakes scenery, the glorious unique national culture as well as the all colors variegated local conditions and social customs causes Hubei to become the tourist attraction. The main scenic spot historical site includes: The guqin, the yellow crane building, ancient turns over to Yuan Si, the Wuchang insurrectionary army government former site, the Qu Yuan former dwelling, Mount Wudang, to be prosperous, the long 坂 slope, ten thousand mile Yangtze River first dam "Ge Zhouba" and is national of a Three Gorges of the Yangtze River's ten big sceneries scenic spots areas Xiling Gorge, as well as Shennongjia nature protection area. Jiangling, Xiangfan and so on ten national history culture name. Within the boundaries of 2002 goes to travel the population 1.02 million people, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount is 280 million US dollars.
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