Hunan Province

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    Hunan Province is located southeast our country the center, south of Dongting Lake, therefore "Hunan", and further because within the boundaries Xiangjiang River north and south north-south, therefore is called Hunan. With provinces and cities and so on Jiangxi, Guizhou, Guangxi, Guangdong, Chongqing is all around neighboring. Is situated at the east longitude 108°47 ' - 114°15 ', north latitude 24°38 ' - 30°08 ' between.

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    East Hunan Province, south, west three surrounds the mountainous region, center, north the topography is low and drawn out. The terrain may be divided in the Dongting Lake plain, Hunan the knoll, the Nanling mountainous region, the western Hunan mountainous region, the Hunan Dongshan five parts. The sierra mainly has the Wuling, the Xuefang, all Pang Ling, Nanling, the Luoxiao and so on. Xuefang prominent peak Luo old man Bamian, elevation 2,174 meters. Hunan, the capital, 沅, the sweet spring water is the most main rivers, after all collects into Dongting Lake to enter Yangtze River.

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    Hunan Province is the subtropics moist monsoon climate, the four seasons distinct, sunshine sufficient, winter cold short, summer burning hot time long, spring warm changeable, autumn arid obvious, frost-free period is long. Annual mean temperature 16 ℃ - 18 ℃, annual mean precipitation 1,250 - 1,750 millimeters.

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    The Hunan Province total population 66.29 million, has the Chinese, Tuchia nationality, the seedling, Dong, precious, returns to, Uygur, is strong and so on the nationality. In 2002 the local baby birth rate is 11.56 ‰, the mortality rate 6.7 ‰, the natural rate of growth 4.86 ‰. Until to 2002 year's end local employment personnel is 34.69 million.

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    The Hunan Province area more than 210,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 1 autonomous prefecture, 13 places levels city, 34 municipal districts, 16 county level cities, 65 counties, 7 autonomous counties, altogether has 1,097 towns, 1,258 townships (98 ethnic townships), 221 subdistrict offices, provincial capital Changsha.

Hunan Province politics area chart

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    As early as in 5000 ago neolites time, has the primitive crowd to settle down in here, when Spring and Autumn Period Warring States is the Chu place, Qin sets at in the Changsha county and Guizhou Province the county, Tang sets at Hunan to observe causes, when clear Kanghsi supposes Hunan cloth politics commissioner, is Hunan Province.

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    Hunan is one of our country important grain production bases, the grain crops by the paddy rice primarily, next are the wheat and the yam; The industrial crop has the cotton, the tea, the hemp, the fuel oils and so on. Within the boundaries moves, the plant resources richly, the cover area is broader. Some 40 many kinds of national key protection rare and precious animal; 70 many kinds of plants. Specially still remaining world rare "live fossil" - cathaya argrophylla, metasequoia, gingko, plant and so on Shui Song, Chinese dove tree. Mineral resource reserves rich, the type is many, the tungsten, the stibium reserves occupy head of the national. Reserves and so on zinc, bismith, lead, tin, barite, calcium fluoride, sepiolite, graphite also is situated the national front row, therefore local has "township of the non-ferrous metal", "township of the nonmetalliferous ore" laudatory name. Also is one of national non-ferrous metal smelting industry important bases, and has industry profession and so on the machinery, spinning and weaving, electric power, chemical industry, food.

    In 2002 entire province realization GDP 434.1 billion Yuan, grew 9.0% compared to the last year. Completes the primary industry GDP 84.7 billion Yuan, produces the grain 25.01 million tons, the grain 22.69 million tons, the fuel oils 1.19 million tons, the cotton 153,000 tons, the sugar 1.8 million tons, the fruit 1.83 million tons, the meats 4.73 million tons, the milk class 101,000 tons, the aquatic product 2.72 million tons; Completes the second industry GDP 173.7 billion Yuan, the industrial output 144.1 billion Yuan, the architecture industry 29.6 billion Yuan, the raw coal output 18.45 million tons, the power rate 42.6 billion kilowatt-hours, the steel 5.47 million tons, the pig iron 4.99 million tons, the end product steel products 4.89 million tons, the cement 27.47 million tons, the cloth 300 million meters, home use electric refrigerator 551,000, the agriculture uses the flowered fat 1.64 million tons, automobile 28,000, program controlled switch 07,000; The tertiary industry GDP 175.7 billion Yuan, the transportation stored in a storehouse the posts and telecommunications correspondence industry 32.4 billion Yuan, wholesale and the retail sales trade dining industry 42.3 billion Yuan, GDP grows 9% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 6,565 Yuan. In 2002 realizes fixedly invests 90.7 billion Yuan. The renewal transformation invests 22.8 billion Yuan. Financial revenue 23.1 billion Yuan, expenditure 53.3 billion Yuan. Foreign investment enterprise import-export goods total amount 419.94 million US dollars, export amount 243.04 million US dollars, import amount 419.94 million US dollars. In 2002 the local cities inhabitant average per person may control the income is 6,959 Yuan.


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    The amphibious transportation very is all convenient. The railway communication quite important, the main railroad skeleton line has Beijing broadly, the Hunan cassiabarktree, Zhejiang and Jiangxi provinces, Hunan Guizhou Province, a willow tree, railroad skeleton line and so on Lou Shao, sweet wine tea line, with province in skeleton line road criss-crossed network, is extremely convenient. The inland river shipping take Hunan, 沅, the capital, the sweet spring water four rivers and Dongting Lake as the main water transportation skeleton line. The aviation take Changsha as a center, has leads to Beijing and so on more than 40 homes major and medium cities.

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    Hunan Province tourism developed, Nan Yue Mount Hengshan "five mountains outstanding", Dongting Lake scenery scenic spot area scenery beautiful, is the our country second big fresh water lake, of a Yoyang building three given names buildings, the building exquisite, the imposing manner is grand, 张家界 includes "World Inheritance Name list". Changsha has Nan Yue head of of of a Yuelu shan, the Song four big academies 72 peaks mountain foothill academy, is located the Xiangjiang River middle of a river the orange state as well as Mawangdui Hanmu. Moreover scenery scenic spot area and so on Wuling source, Shaoshan extremely is also famous.Within the boundaries of 2002 goes to travel the population 570,000 people, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount is more than 300 million US dollars.
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