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    Aomen is located the South China coast, west Zhujiangkou leans, by the Aomen peninsula, ?the young island and the Luhuan Island three parts is composed. Its north continually Guangdong Province Zhuhai, east look each other over sea with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, south near South China Sea.

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    Aomen is the hilly area, the natural flat land are very few. The topography from north to south gradually elevates. Tower Shi Tangshan the elevation 172 meters, are the Luhuan Island peaks, also is the Aomen peak. The Aomen peninsula north and south long approximately four kilometers, most east the end and most west the end is distanced approximately more than three kilometers, the area approximately six kilometers, east gaze at the ocean the mountain elevation approximately 92 meters, is the Aomen peninsula peak. ?the young island south of the Aomen peninsula, the area more than three squares kilometers, some two Australian ?bridge and the Aomen peninsula is connected. Luhuan Island also south of ?the young island, the area approximately seven square kilometers, has the road ?to link up the road and ?the young island connection. Aomen's bedrock almost completely is the granite. They are for apart from to form the now 170 million years to in 100 million year ago mesozoic era orogenesis by the rock magma blowout. Afterwards has experienced each kind of tectonic movement and the corroded process function in the long geological time, the giant granite body evolves into today peninsula and ?the young, the circle two islands knoll. On the knoll, the mountain valley and the beach, is distributing some quaternary period deposit formations.

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    Aomen is situated at north the tropics the reason, the monsoon influence, the seasonal variation is been deeply obvious. The prevailing wind and the weather type changes along with the monsoon transformation. Every year 3, April is the northeast monsoon and the southwest monsoon transformation time, the weather is moist, multi- fog. This is Aomen's spring. Southeast summer by May - in September, is in vogue the monsoon and the southwest monsoon, the weather is burning hot, multi- rain. Autumn at the end of September to October, the southwest monsoon gradually retreats, the northeast monsoon starts to go south, the weather is sunny, warm. The winter from November to next year in February, the northeast monsoon will be in vogue, the weather will be slightly cold, the few rain, will meet south the big cold wave to invade, the temperature will be able to drop to 5 ?below. The climate is temperate, summer is not hot, winter is not cold, all year long 暖热. Annual mean temperature 22.3 ? whole year by 10 - in December weather best, the temperature is moderate, glorious weather, for traveling best season. The Aomen rainfall is abundant, the multi- annual means precipitation amounts to 2,031 millimeters. But as a result of the monsoon influence, the rain water distribution non-uniformity, the precipitation mainly concentrates in 4 - in September, from from October to the next year in March will be the dry season. This boundary frequently receives the typhoon the attack, by 7, 8, in September has the number of times to be most. The typhoon although is one kind of natural disaster, but also has advantageous one side, it has brought the rich rain water, is helpful to reduces the autumn the drought.

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    Aomen total population 440,000. Above 96% is the Chinese people, other Portugese are in the majority by. Portugese center has more than 10,000 people to have the Portugese blood relationship, to be born while Aomen, speaks the Portuguese language (mostly can deliver the Guangzhou speech) the Aomen locally born Portugal people.

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    Aomen area 25.4 square kilometers. On April 13, 1987, China and Portugal signed "Lives Clearly about Aomen Question Union", on December 20, 1999, the Aomen official return motherland, and builds Macao special administrative region.

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    The Aomen unearthed neolites time, business face to the Qin and Han Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty to the Song Yuan time cultural relic, had proven our country people 4,000 for many years always have lived in here with the work. In the history Aomen once successively subordinated the Panyu county, Nanhai County, Dongguan County and the Xiangshan county. When Ming Dynasty Aomen starts to become the Chinese and foreign to trade the place.

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    Aomen's traveling abundant color industry, the exportation processing industry, the finance industry and the construction real estate industry are the Aomen economy four big props. The emerging modern industrial district mainly is located Heishahuan and 青洲, Kuaiziji, the sand pear, places such as lower ring.

    In 2002 GDP 59.8 billion patacas, per capital GDP 136,000 patacas.

    200 years export 18.9 billion patacas, import 20.3 billion patacas.

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    Aomen clutches Pearl River to enter the seaport, the amphibious transportation is convenient, the Australian ? bridge, the friendship bridge, the road ?links up the road to relate the Aomen peninsula and two islands, the shipping is the Aomen external communication most important way, between Aomen and Hong Kong's sea transportation is the busiest route, and has leads to Shanghai, Qingdao and the Guangdong various harbors more than 50 routes. Aomen's international airport, passable toward Chinese inland and Taiwan, East Aisa, Southeast Asia and Europe and so on many cities.

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    Aomen is the famous traveling city, the big three Pakistan memorial arch is the Aomen famous symbol; Cannon may look down Aomen and periphery, and has built the Aomen museum; Lu Lianre the park is a Suzhou botanical garden -like beautiful garden; The mother ancestral temple is the Aomen most ancient temple; The Goddess of Mercy hall (普济 禅院) is "looks summer treaty" the evaluation place; The black beach is the Aomen biggest beach; Sea world park collection traveling, entertainment, science and technology education to a body, moreover also has Aomen to go sightseeing the tower and so on the multitudinous scenic spot, Aomen is attracting the Chinese and foreign tourist by its unique charm.

    In 2002, to visits the passenger 11.53 million people.
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