Ningxia hui autonomous region

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    The Ningxia hui autonomous region abbreviation rather, is located our country northeast part, Yellow River's upstream, north depends on the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, south is near Gansu, west meets Shaanxi.

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    The Ningxia terrain approximately is divided the Ningxia plain, southeast area the plateau, the Helan mountainous region, Liupanshan and so on four areas, the Helan Mountain prominent peak elevation 3,556 meters, is this province high point. The rivers are the Yellow River river system, mainly has Yellow River, Qingshui river, painstakingly Shui He, Jinghe River as well as Hulu River's upstream and so on.

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    Ningxia is the temperate zone continental climate, south cool north warm, south wet north does, the winter coldly long, the summer deficient intense summer heat, wind big Sha Duo, the sunshine is sufficient, evaporates intensely, the annual mean temperature 5 ℃ - 10 ℃, increases progressively by the southing north, annual mean precipitation 190 - 700 millimeters. Decreases progressively by the southing north.

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    The Ningxia hui autonomous region total population 5.72 million, has the Chinese, returns to, Mongolia, is full and so on the nationality. In 2002 the population birth rate is 16.42 ‰, mortality rate 4.86 ‰, natural rate of growth 11.56 ‰. Until reaches 2.82 million people to 2002 year's end local employment personnel.

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    The Ningxia hui autonomous region area more than 66,000 square kilometers, the entire area governs 4 places levels city, 8 municipal districts, 2 county level cities, 14 counties, the altogether 78 towns, 234 townships, 31 subdistrict offices, the capital is Yinchuan.

Ningxia hui autonomous region

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    Spring and Autumn Period Warring States Ningxia is lives together for Qiang Rung and Hsiungnu, Qin Shebei the county and constructs the Great Wall, in 1038, qiang national minority's party race Li Yuanhao by Yinchuan founded the great summer country for the capital city, when Yuan Dynasty sets at Ningxia Lu Mingshe the Ningxia health, clear supposed the Ningxia government office, in 1949 September Ningxia liberated, on 1958 October 25 established the Ningxia hui autonomous region.

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    The Ningxia plain area directs the yellow irrigation, the rivers and creeks to be densely covered, the irrigation convenience, has "name of the Eden of the northern wastes". Entire area crops take paddy rice, wheat, corn primarily, animal husbandry domestic animal by sheep, donkey, Niu asduo. Within the boundaries minerals rich, your winnow basket ditch too west the coal in domestic and foreign has the very high prestige, the sheep, the sand wool goat, the rug, the leather making and so on very is all famous. The industry has the machinery, the electron, the chemical industry, the wool spinning and so on the many kinds of classes.In 2002 local completes the GDP 33 billion Yuan,grew 10.2% compared to the last year, the per capital GDP was 5,800 Yuan. Completesthe primary industry GDP 5.3 billion Yuan,the agriculture, forestry, grazing and fishing total output value is 9.3 billion Yuan; The second industry GDP 15.1 billion Yuan, industrial output is 11.5 billion Yuan; Tertiary industry GDP 12.6 billion Yuan. In 2002 local realizes the fixed asset investment 17.3 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invests 2.14 billion Yuan. In 2002 this boundary inhabitant average per person may control the income is 6,067 Yuan.


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    Transportation convenient, transits Bao Lanxian for the home court transportation aorta, has puts down in you, the treasure, Gan Wu, the silver is new and so on the branch connects with it. The road take Yinchuan as the center, the federal highway and the local highway junction decorates the net. Yellow River is the home court is only open to navigation the river course, but the beginning of winter ices up. The aviation take Yinchuan as a center, passable toward places such as Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an.

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    The Ningxia traveling resources is rich, here both has the unique borderland scenery, and has other dwelling place of Buddhist immortals the Chiangnan beautiful scene, also is sending out the rich national minority character and style, also has filled the vigorous time vitality, is Chinese and foreign tourists' ideal tourist attraction. Mainly has more than 40 each kind of scenic site, 西夏 Wang Ling, receives the day temple tower, the sea pagoda, Sha Hu, Sha Potou, must make up the mountain rock cave, the water-dunnel ditch ruins, the Great Wall fort, dark green Longtan, the Qingtong Xia 108 towers and so on extremely is all famous.
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