Qinghai Province

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    Qinghai Province is called blue, is situated at northwest local south central, Qinghai-Tibet Plain northeastern part, for Yangtze River and Yellow River's place of origin, its southwest adjoins with Tibet, eastern part and north meets Gansu, southeast continually Sichuan.

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    The terrain is complex north, the major part may be divided the mountainous region, the Qaidam Basin and the Qinghai-Tibet Plain for the mountainous region plateau entire province and so on three parts, Tanghla mountain, Kunlun Mountain, Chilienshan and so on for this province main sierra, has inland river and so on Qaidam River, Golmud River and belongs Yangtze River, Yellow River, grips the tune three big basins some 外流河, the within the boundaries Lake Qinghai is our country biggest salty water lake.

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    Qinghai Province belongs to the continental plateau climate, cold cold period long, diurnal temperature difference big, sunshine time long, the climate is dry, annual mean temperature -5 ℃ - 8 ℃, annual mean precipitation 50 - 700 millimeters.

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    The Qinghai Province total population 5.29 million, has the Chinese, Tibet, returns to, the earth, scatters pulls, nationality and so on Mongolia, Khazak. In 2002 the baby birth rate is 18.05 ‰, mortality rate 6.35 ‰, natural rate of growth 11.70 ‰. Until reaches 2.47 million people to 2002 year's end local employment personnel.

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    The entire province area more than 720,000 square kilometers, govern 1 local, 6 autonomous prefectures, 1 place level city, 4 municipal districts, 2 county level cities, 30 counties, 7 autonomous counties, altogether has 115 towns, 283 townships (30 ethnic townships), 26 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Xining.

Qinghai Province politics area chart

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    The Qinghai history is glorious, discovers the clan commune ruins in the Huangshui river to be apart from now to have more than 4,000 years, ancient times lived together for qiang national minority, when Chinese supposed near the Qiang county, Tang Songshi was the Turfan place, Yuan Shexing 中书省, clear supposed the Xining government office, in 1928 constructed Qinghai Province, in 1949 liberated.

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    The Qinghai Province agricultural region mainly distributes south the Wei water basin and Tsaidam the reason, the farm crops owner produces the wheat, the Tibetan barley as well as the rape and the beet and so on, the broad pasture raises the multitudinous sheep, the yak, the horse, the donkey, the camel and so on, the meander horse, greatly is passing the horse is a kind, "the Xining wool" is famous by the rich elasticity. In 2002 agricultural production resultant 2.9 billion Yuan. The blue sea water resources and the mineral resource are rich, has completed industry class and so on the metallurgy, machinery, wool spinning, chemical industry, electron, building materials, livestock product processing. 2,002 provinces complete the GDP 34.1 billion Yuan, grew 12.4% compared to the last year, the per capital GDP was 6,424 Yuan. Completes the primary industry GDP 4.5 billion Yuan, total agricultural output value is 2.9 billion Yuan, produces the grain 910,000 tons, the meats 230,000 tons, the milk class 240,000 tons; Completes the second industry GDP 15.3 billion Yuan, industrial output 10 billion Yuan, produce the raw coal 2.5 million tons, the crude oil 2.14 million tons, the cement 2.64 million tons, the agriculture use the chemical fertilizer 770,000 tons. Completes the tertiary industry GDP 14.4 billion Yuan. In 2002 local realizes the fixed asset total investment 20.5 billion Yuan.


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    The transportation take the road primarily, by Xining and Golmud as the center, Qinghai and Xizang, blue new, Qingchuan, the sincere standard, the tea vast and so on the road for relation province inside and outside skeleton line, is parallel is the federal highway and the county township said, the railroad take Lanchow Tsinghai and Qinghai and Xizang (the later period project in construction) as the backbone, Xining has the privately owned scheduled flight machine take off and landing, understands places such as Beijing, Xi'an, Guangdong, Chengdu, Urumqi.

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    Qinghai Province virgin forest which by the magnificent wonderful dangerous plateau scenery, the beautiful enchanting lake and mountain scenery complementing each other, the broad boundless fine pastoral area, the another person is charmed, the rare and precious rare birds and beasts, the rich local conditions and social customs and the religious extraordinary splendor are attracting the multitudinous Chinese and foreign tourists. The Lake Qinghai scenery scenic spot area ocean waves ten thousand area units, Niao Island is bird's sea, 4 - July are the best view bird seasons. Longyang Xia scenery magnificent sight, moreover also has five Yi, Meng Datian the pond, Ju Tansi as well as Xining's Islamic big temple, the Beishan Mountains temple, 塔尔 scenery joy person and so on temple, big scripture hall, is the tourist attraction.
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