Shanxi Province

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    Name of the Shaanxi because of is located Shaanxi originally west of to acquire fame, when within the boundaries majority of for Spring and Autumn Period Warring States former home grounds of the Qin, therefore is called Qin, or is called Shaanxi. It is located the Yellow River middle reaches and in the Qinling included angle, east separates Yellow River and Shanxi faces one another, southeast and Hubei, Henan adjoin, south meets Sichuan, west depends on Gansu, north the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, northwest is the Ningxia hui autonomous region.

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    The terrain approximately is divided three parts, north is the loess plateau, middle is the Weihe River plain, south is the Qinling shandi, elevation 3,767 meter too Bai Fengwei this province high point. The main rivers have the Yangtze River river system upstream Jialing River, Hanshui River, Dan river, Yellow River river system Weihe River, Jinghe River, Luohe river, Yan River, Wudinghe River and so on.

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    The climate north and south difference is bigger, take Qinling as, Qinling to the north is the temperate zone half arid monsoon climate mild temperate zone half arid - half moist monsoon climate, south of Qinling is the subtropics moist monsoon climate, the annual mean temperature 7 ℃ - 16 ℃, annual mean precipitation 400 - 1,000 millimeters.

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    The Shanxi Province total population 36.74 million, has the Chinese, returns to, is full, nationality and so on Mongolia.In 2002 the baby birth rate is 10.48 ‰, mortality rate 6.36 ‰, natural rate of growth 4.12 ‰. Until reaches 18.73 million people to 2002 year's end local employment personnel.

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    The Shanxi Province area more than 190,000 square kilometers, the entire province governs 10 places levels city, 23 municipal districts, 3 county level cities, 81 counties,altogether has 930 towns, 648 townships (3 ethnic townships), 128 subdistrict offices,the provincial capital is Xi'an.

Shanxi Province politics area chart

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    From five, 600,000 year ago lantian man to the neolites time half slope ruins, all confirmed Shaanxi history remote, according to carries, successively some 11 dynasties found a capital Chang An, Chinese Donovan melt from Chang An radiate the nation and even the world, modern Shaanxi are the cradles which China revolutionizes.

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    Shanxi Province as a result of the weather effect, the crops has the obvious regional disparity, the North Shaanxi host produces the millet, the Guanzhong host produces the wheat, 陕南 the host produces the paddy rice, moreover also has miscellaneous grains and so on corn, sweet potato, the industrial crop mainly has the cotton and the flax and so on. 2,002 agricultural productions resultant is 35.3 billion Yuan. The industry has successively established class and so on machinery, coal, electric power, steel and iron, building materials, chemical fertilizer, light industry, spinning and weaving. This province mineral resource is rich, the North Shaanxi government office comparatively large-scale has our country high quality to make 气动力 the coal field, Jin Duicheng a molybdenum ore reserves row nation second, the copper reserves occupies the entire province one half. The main mineral resource has the rhenium, the potassium, the mercury, the feldspar, the barite, the phosphorus and so on. In 2002 the GDP 203.6 billion Yuan, compare with 2002 grow 9.7%, the per capital GDP is 5,523 Yuan/people. Primary industry GDP is 30.4 billion Yuan, the total agricultural output value is 35.3 billion Yuan, the grain yield 10.06 million tons, the fuel oils 410,000 tons, the cotton 43,000 tons, the fruit 5.15 million tons. The second industry GDP 92.6 billion Yuan, the gross value of industrial output 69.1 billion Yuan, the architecture industry 23.5 billion Yuan, the raw coal output 58.59 million tons, the crude oil output 10.64 million tons, the power rate 34.4 billion kilowatt-hours, the cement 13.28 million tons, the pig iron 1.23 million tons, the steel 880,000 tons, the agriculture uses the chemical fertilizer 1.02 million tons, home use electric refrigerator 140,000. Tertiary industry GDP 80.6 billion Yuan. In 2002 this boundary financial revenue is 15 billion Yuan, the expenditure 40.5 billion Yuan, the fixed asset investment 75.1 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invest 14.3 billion Yuan. The cities inhabitant average per person may control the income is 6,331 Yuan, the actual disbursement 6,759 Yuan, the Engel coefficient is 34.1%. In 2002 foreign investment enterprise import-export goods total amount 404.09 million US dollars, the export amount is 1145300000000 US dollars, import amount 2895600000000 US dollars.


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    Transportation by railroad, road primarily. The Long-Hai railroad crosses the thing, west in the god government office, the marquis, the treasure, Paochi to Chengtu, positive is peaceful, assists changes, the salty copper and some branches, Tianshui - Baoji, the Baoji - Chengdu, the second tone closed - peaceful and healthy, peaceful and healthy - Xiangfan each section has realized the electrification. The road take places such as Xi'an, Baoji, Hanzhong, peace and good health, Yulin interweaves the net as the center, is interlinked with peripheral five provinces city two areas, moreover also has Xi'an to Baoji, Tongchuan, Tongguan is high speed also clears. Water transportation mainly in 陕南, by Hanshui River primarily, passable wooden boat. The aviation take Xi'an as a center, passable toward the national more than 40 major and medium cities, places such as Yenan, Hanzhong Yulin also has the civilian airliner take off and landing, the transportation is convenient.

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     The glorious history enable Shaanxi to have the rich cultural relic historical site, has the unique natural scenery, in five mountains the Huashan Huashan, hundred 仞 rises steeply, tall and straight pretty, on the mountain the historical site, the temple are multitudinous; North and South natural boundary - Qinling, the four seasons transformation, the scenery is magnificent; "World one of eight big miracles" the Chin Shihhuang burial figures of warriors and horses, the sculpture is fine, broad in scale; Also has Xi'an the stele forest, half slope ruins, the lantian man ruins, East Lake, 太白山, Yenan's valuable Tashan and Pheonix mountains as well as the Gan county dry mausoleum, the illustrious mausoleum, the cyclopentadiene mausoleum, emperor the mausoleum and so on all is the famous tourist attraction. Within the boundaries 2002 goes to travel the population is 850,000 people, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount is 350 million US dollars.
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