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    Shanghai is called Shanghai, also calls Shanghai, is our country central municipality and the biggest port city, is located middle the East China area, Yangtze River enters the seaport. Eastern part borders on East China Sea and Japan look each other over sea, south neighbour Hangzhou bay, northeastern part and north west separately with Jiangsu, Zhejiang two provinces adjoining. Is situated at the east longitude 120°51 ' - 122°12 ', north latitude 30°40 ' - 31°53 '.

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    Is situated at the Yangtze River delta impact plain broadly and level the eastern part, the topography 低平, the marsh land lake group is densely covered, the network of waterways interlocks, adds it the tide influence, the shape Narita low Shui Gao natural environment. The soil submerges seriously, but the use is the paddy field, the planter aquatic vegetables or the development fresh water cultivation. The Binhai plain mainly carries under the arm into the sea by Yangtze River the massive silts after function deposition and so on the wave, tide, class piles up the formation. Is the Shanghai distribution area biggest land resource. The soil mostly granulated substance sticks is suitable, the crisp water ventilation, the nutrient rich balance, has the use agriculture the many kinds of uses, becomes the high production farmland. The Shanghai shallow seas and tidelands resources is rich, has provided the massive agricultural and subsidiary products production base and the industry, the transportation, the municipal administration, the traveling for Shanghai and so on each industry uses. The main rivers have the Huangpu River and its branch Wu Songjiang. The Huangpu River originates to the Jiangsu Province Tai Lake, flows after Shanghai, passed through the urban district, converges to Wu Songkou and Yangtze River to enter the sea, the span hundred kilometers.

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    Shanghai is the subtropics monsoon climate. Because borders on the sea, climate temperate moist, four seasons distinct, sunshine sufficient, the rainfall is abundant. Every year 5 - in September are the flood seasons, including spring rain, plum rains, autumn rain three rain spell. Annual mean temperature 15.7 ℃, annual mean precipitation 1,123 millimeters, yearly average frost-free period about 230 days.

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    The Shanghai total population 16.25 million, in the national minority population as are many take the Hui tribe, approximately composes the whole city total population 4%, next for Manchu nationality, Zhuang nationality, Tibetan nationality, Tujia nationality, Korean National Minority, Uygur national minority, Miao nationality, Dong minority, Pai nationality, 畲 race and so on more than 10 nationalities. In 2002 local population birth rate 5.41 ‰, mortality rate 5.95 ‰, natural rate of growth -0.54 ‰. Until locally gets employed the person to 2002 year's end to amount to 7.43 million people.

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    The Shanghai area 5,800 square kilometers, govern 18 municipal districts and Chongming County, governs 132 towns, 3 townships, 99 subdistrict offices.

    The Shanghai sign is by the city flower michelia alba, the junk and the propeller three compositions triangle designs. The triangular diagram takes the form of the steamboat propeller, is symbolizing Shanghai is the city which unceasingly goes forward; The design center hoists the sails the junk which goes to sea, is the Port of Shanghai most ancient ships, it is symbolizing Shanghai is a history glorious port city, has demonstrated bright magnificent tomorrow; The junk background is welcoming the michelia alba which the early spring is in full bloom. The michelia alba is this city city flower, it is symbolizing one kind of trailblazer and exerts oneself the upward spirit.

Shanghai municipal administration area chart

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    The Shanghai history is glorious. About 6000 ago, west the present Shanghai namely has become the land, eastern area Cheng Luye has long time of the 2000. Handed down the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time, Shanghai once was Chu country spring Shen Mr. Huang Xie 封邑, therefore the Shanghai alternate name was "Shanghai". A.D. four, five centuries time 晋朝, 松江 (presently the Soviet Zhou River) many take catches fish with Binhai's area inhabitant as lives, they have created one kind 竹编 catches fish the tool to be called "the retinue", and further because for the river inflow sea place called at that time "blasphemes", therefore, 松江 area the downriver is called "the retinue to blaspheme", later also will change "the retinue" is "Shanghai". The Tang 天宝 ten years, 松江 the area establish Huating County in the nowadays, north the scope to area today Hongkou, south arrived the seashore, east to under sand. Song Chunhua two years, because 松江 upstream unceasingly 淤浅, east the coastline moves, the steamship difference is inconvenient, the external ships have to anchor in 松江 a branch "the Shanghai water's edge" (its position east of now Bund to in 16 shops nearby Huangpu River) on, and establishes the small town in Shanghai water's edge West bank, chooses a name for the Shanghai town, Southern Song Dynasty Jing Dingzhi 咸淳年间, the Shanghai town already is an important commercial harbour. Name of the Shanghai on origin Yu Ci. From Yuan Zhiyuan 29 years, the Yuan Dynasty central authorities government authorizes Shanghai to set up Shanghai County, symbolized Shanghai constructs beginning of the city. When Ming Dynasty already was a Chiangnan Yi, when the Qing Dynasty the establishment river customs, after the Opium War were compelled the to foreign countries opening up, in 1949 Shanghai liberated.

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    The Shanghai suburb grain crops mainly are the paddy rice, also has the wheat and the legumes. The industrial crop mainly is the cotton, the oil vegetable seed, the vegetables planter quite are many. Eastern part Shanghai is in coastal and the Yangtze valley two economies develops belt 交汇处, is our country biggest comprehensive industrial base, also is the Chinese industry science and technology biggest base. The main industry sector organic weapon industry, the textile industry and the metallurgical industry, next are the light industry, the building materials, the electric power and so on. Shanghai also is the our country biggest trade, the finance, the trade, the science and technology education, the cultural center, inside and outside volume of trade occupies head of the national each big city. The Pudong newly developed area is our country key foreign opening area, is favorite for investors which attracts worldwide attention, is leading Yangtze valley various provinces, the city economy development.

    In 2002 local completes the GDP 540.9 billion Yuan, industrial production resultant 231.3 billion Yuan, the fixed asset investment 179 billion Yuan, the renewal transformation invest 41.6 billion Yuan. This city cities inhabitant average per person may control receives 13,250 Yuan, the actual disbursement 15,247 Yuan, the Engel coefficient is 39.4%. Realization financial revenue 70.9 billion Yuan, expenditure 86.2 billion Yuan.


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    The transportation has formed the pattern which the sea, the land, spatial three advances in unison. Beijing to Shanghai, the Hu-Ning railroad, Shanghai and Hangzhou and Shanghai and Nanjing are high speed is the Shanghai overland communication two aortas. The amphibious navigation canal, the river, the sea mutually for link up, extends in all directions, the Huangpu River, Yangtze River, Yellow Sea are Shanghai's three big routes. Shanghai advanced into row of to the world hundred million ton big port, is open to navigation with more than 160 national and the local more than 400 harbors. In 2002 this city major port cargo volume of goods handled is 263.84 million tons. The road short haul is extremely developed. The aviation has leads to the domestic more than 60 cities the route, but also has leads to Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles, New York, the Vancouver, Bangkok, Paris and so on more than 20 cities international airways.

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    Shanghai once had "Eastern Paris" the fine reputation, the deep cultural inside story, the multi- colors humanities landscape, the beautiful like picture scroll seashore sight and the unique metropolis character and style as well as multitudinous revolutionized Shi Ji and goes sightseeing the paradise attraction multitudinous everywhere tourists. Has the botanical garden Henan garden, jade Buddhist temple, Xu Guangqi the grave, Qingpu Dianshanhu Lake, south flies in circles the ancient 猗 garden, the Jiading Confucian temple, the Lu Xun memorial hall, Chinese Communist Party "a big" conference site, the Sun Yat-Sen former dwelling, but also has scenic spot and so on seashore bathing place. The Shanghai famous special product has 松江 the perch, blue Shui Daxie, the dragon China honey peach, goes to the capital the fermented bean curd, She Shanlan the bamboo shoots and so on. In 2002 travels the person to amount to 2.73 million people, traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount 2.3 billion US dollars.

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