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    The Tibet Autonomous Region is called Tibet, located at on our country north west's Qinghai-Tibet Plain, east near Sichuan, north meets Xinjiang, Qinghai, west and Kashmir is connected, the southeast is Yunnan Province, south and Nepal, the Sikkim, Bhutan, India, Burma adjoin.

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    Tibet is in has " the roof of the world " on the name Qinghai-Tibet Plain, the topography by northwest inclines to the southeast, terrain complex diverse. Above entire district average elevation 4000 meters. In terrain east separable North Tibet plateau, Tibet mountain valley land, South of Tibet valley land and Himalayas. The main sierra has Kunlun Mountain, Tanghla mountain, the Nyaniqentanglha, the Himalaya Mountains and so on, located at Chinese-Nepali frontier's in Mount Everest, the elevation 8848.6 meters, is the world high point. The main rivers have Yarlung Zangbo River, Lancang River, Yangtze River, Nujiang and so on, and has the nam lake and so on more than 1500 high land moors.

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    This locality as a result of terrain, landform and upper air circulation influence, climate complex diverse. Besides southeast some areas are quite warm moistly, other majorities belong to the plateau climate, the temperature are low, the day and nights temperature difference is big, the precipitation are few, the thin air, the sunshine are sufficient, annual mean temperature - 3℃-12℃, annual mean precipitation 60-1000 millimeters.

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    The Tibet Autonomous Region, take the Tibetan national minority as a main body. In addition has the Chinese, to return to, nationalities and so on doctor, Loba national minority, Naxi, anger. 1% population sample investigation material calculated according to 2006 that last year at the end of the year the Tibet total population was 2,810,000 people, bi shangnian net gained 40,000 people; The proportion of births to population is 17.4 ‰, the mortality rate is 5.7 ‰, the natural rate of growth is 11.7 ‰. Time peaceful liberation of Tibet's 1,140,900 people compared with 1951, the population increased 1,669,100 people.

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    The Tibet Autonomous Region area more than 120 ten thousand square kilometers, the entire district governs 6 areas, 1 locally administered level, 1 municipal district, 1 county-level city, 71 counties, altogether includes 140 towns, 541 townships (8 ethnic townships), 8 subdistrict offices. The autonomous region capital is Lhasa.

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    Tibet ancient for Qiang, the Rung place, the Tang Dynasty was Turfan place, the 13th century middle period, the Yuan Dynasty enters and is stationed in Tibet, henceforth Tibet integrated the Chinese domain, a Ming Dynasty senate Yuan old system, after clear minute health (former Tibet), Tibet (, Tibet), ka wooden (Kang), Ali four, general name Tibet. in 1951 the peaceful liberation, in 1965 built the Tibet Autonomous Region.

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    The Tibet Autonomous Region as a result of the terrain weather effect, the Tibet multi-planter hardy plant, the main crops is had the Tibetan barley, the wheat, the corn, the pea, the broad bean, the potato and so on, southeast Tibet also produces the paddy rice, the sorghum, the tea and so on. Tibet is our country one of five prairie pastoral areas, the natural pasture area occupies head of the national, the animal husbandry occupies the important status, has the yak, the sheep, the horse and so on.

    Tibet in 2006 realizes the entire district total output value 29,005,000,000 Yuan, bi shangnian grows 13.4%, 6 years maintain 12% above rate of rise continuously. The entire district township dwellers average per person may control receive 8941 Yuan, bi shangnian grows 6.3%; The herdsman average per person net income 2435 Yuan, grow 17.2%, 4 years maintain continuously two figures grow; The city and countryside personal savings deposit 14,057,000,000 Yuan, bi shangnian grow 13.5%.


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    The pre-liberation, Tibet does not have the road, already completed Sichuan and Tibet, Xinjiang-Tibetan, Qinghai-Tibet, Yunnan Tibet provinces and so on and so on highway connection Sichuan, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Yunnan, places such as East Asia, Nyalam, date earth has leads to the South Asia Zhu Guo international road, in the autonomous region the federal highway and the local highway interweaves the net. Yarlung Zangbo River, Lhasa River, Nianchu River, Nepali foreign tune and so on passable kayak and wooden boat. Lhasa and Qamdo have the civilian airliner rise, may lead to places such as Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Katmandu.

    in 2006 the whole year completes the transported goods volume 3,596,300 tons, bi shangnian drops 2.7%: The highway transportation completes 346.10 tons, drops 3.1%; The railway transportation completes 21,000 tons; The air movement completes 10,800 tons, grows 42.8%; The pipeline transportation completes 114,000 tons, drops 3.0%. The annual passenger transportation total quantity 6,056,100 people, grow 26.3%: The highway transportation completes 4,448,000 people, grows 25.1%; The railway transportation completes 279,000 people; The air movement completes 1,229,100 people, grows 19.5%. At the end of the year the road total railway track in use 44813 kilometers, bi shangnian increase 1334 kilometers, including the paving road surface total course 1984 kilometers, increases 481 kilometers. At the end of the year the entire district civilian vehicle inventory reaches to 143,900, grew 35.2% compared to the end of last year.

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    Tibet is the best destination which the sightseeing trip, the scientific expedition, the exploration go on a pilgrimage. Has included "World heritage Name list" Potala Palace, resplendent in gold and jade green, had demonstrated the Tibetan national minority historic building's essence, is the Buddhism Holy Land; Is honored as " the Earth third level " Mount Everest raises toweringly, the palatial grand glacier blazon, “the Mount Everest water tunnel " is known as " under the ice the palace " the name; Also has the Yalong River scenic spot area, the Saint mountain and the sacred lake, grips in the assorted logical sequence cloth temple and Lhasa's Jokhang Monastery, the small illustrious temple and Norbu Lingka, Zhaibung Monastery, Sera Monastery, the Tibetan King grave and so on is the famous traveling place.

    in 2006 the whole year receives the domestic and foreign tourist 2,512,100 people, bi shangnian grows 39.5%. And: Receives the domestic tourist 2,357,300 people, grows 40.4%; Receives the overseas traveling population 154,800 people, grows 27.6%. The whole year realizes the traveling gross income 2,771,000,000 Yuan, bi shangnian grows 43.2%. Realizes foreign exchange earnings 60,940,000 US dollars, bi shangnian grows 37.1%.
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