Yunnan Province

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    Yunnan because of is situated at the cloud range south to acquire fame, and further because the ancient times are called Yunnan place of as the Yunnan country. It is located our country the southwest border area, west, south and Laos, Burma, Vietnam border on, east with Guizhou Province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is the neighbour, north is connected with Sichuan, southwest and Tibet adjoins. Is situated at the east longitude 97°31 ' 39 "~ 106°11 ' 47", north latitude 21°08 ' 32 "~ 29°15 ' 08" between.

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    Yunnan Province belongs to the Qinghai-Tibet Plain the south to extend the part, the topography northwest high, south is low. West for traverses the sierra mountain canyon area, the east belongs to the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, south for the center, the low mountain wide pelvis place, the entire province altitude above sea level difference is very big. In the Yunnan Tibet boundary plum the snowy mountain is this province high point, the elevation 6,740 meters. The rivers belong Yangtze River, 伊洛瓦底 the river, Nujiang, Lanchan River, Yuanjiang, south river system and so on plate river.

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    Local as a result of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean monsoon influence, four seasons like spring, does the wet season distinct, the vertical variation is remarkable, is the subtropics - tropics plateau humid climate, the annual mean temperature 4 ℃ - 24 ℃, annual mean precipitation generally between 600 - 2,300 millimeters. The moist climate causes Yunnan natural resource extremely rich, the zoology and botany type to occupy head of the national, by the reputation is "zoology and botany kingdom" and "medicine treasure house", forest 覆盖率 is higher than other provinces, and has many countries grade one protected animal.

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    The Yunnan Province person total mouth 43.33 million, has the Chinese, Yi, white, Harney, is strong, Dai, the seedling, 僳 僳, returns to, pulls the blessing, 佤, precious, Tibet, the scenery quite, nationality and so on base promise, water, Mongolia, Puyi, Drung national minority.In 2002 population birth rate 17.90 ‰, mortality rate 7.30 ‰, natural rate of growth 10.60 ‰. Cuts off 底本 the province employment personnel reaches 23.41 million people to 2002.

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    The entire province area more than 380,000 square kilometers, govern 2 local, 8 autonomous prefectures, 6 places levels cities, 10 county level cities, 10 municipal districts, 80 counties, 29 autonomous counties, 597 towns, 942 townships (175 ethnic townships), 43 subdistrict offices, the provincial capital is Kunming.

Yunnan Province politics area chart

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    The Yunnan history is glorious, development comparatively early, Yin Zhoushi is southwest "夷 west", "濮 place of the", when the Western Han Dynasty supposes the profit state county, when the Ming Dynasty sets receives the announcement politics department, all directs commissioner, raises the punishment surveillance commissioner department the provincial level three departments organization, after the 1911 Revolution, changes supposes the Yunnan Province government.

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    The Yunnan Province agriculture owner produces the paddy rice, accounts for the grain yield one half, in addition also has grain crops and so on the corn, wheat, legumes and yam, the main industrial crop has the tobacco, the sugar cane, the tea, the rapeseed and so on; South also plantation rubber, coffee and so on. The mountainous area forest broad cloth, has the rare and precious lumber and the precious raw material for medicine. In 2002 the grain produces 14.25 million tons, the sugar 17.34 million tons, the fruit 860,000 tons, the meats product 2.36 million tons. Within the boundaries the mineral resource is rich, is famous "township of" non-ferrous metal. Has industry class and so on the mining, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, cigarette, system sugar. In 2002 the GDP 223.2 billion Yuan, grew 8.1% compared to the last year, per capital GDP 5,178 Yuan/people. Produces the raw coal 12.19 million tons, the power rate 37.3 billion kilowatt-hours, the steel 2.7 million tons, the pig iron 3.67 million tons, the end product steel products 2.01 million tons, the cement 17.09 million tons, the agriculture uses the chemical fertilizer 2.14 million tons. Fixed asset investment 61.3 billion Yuan.


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    The transportation by the railroad and the road primarily, has Cheng Kun, south the elder brother, the expensive elder brother, are general, railroad skeleton line and so on elder brother river, criss-crossed network. Understands places such as Dali, Yuxi, Qujing take Kunming as the central highway, with the multitudinous federal highway, the provincial road, the county township road interweaves the net. The inland river shipping opened Yangtze River, south the plate river, Lanchan River and so on the partial sections of river route, in Lanchan River has constructed has anchors the international water transportation ships the steamboat wharf, might go to sea after Mekong River, and had the route to go directly to Shanghai from Shui Fugang. Kunming is our country one of five big air harbors, altogether has more than 60 routes, including 6 international airways, moreover Dali, Yuxi and so on also have is open to navigation the airport.

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    The unique plateau scenery colorful nationality character and style causes Yunnan to be well-known everywhere, Xishuangbanna reveals the virgin forest and the tropical rain forest scenery, and has a many kinds of national kind of protection animal, Dali's Cangshan Erhai, the Ruili Dai national minority rural scenery by the reputation is "natural countryside park", and has south the road the hoodoo, three Jiang Bingliu, the Kunming Yunnan pond, the Lijiang jade dragon snowy mountain, the Tengchung geothermy volcano, nine townships, Jianshui and so on the multitudinous scenery scenic spot area. Within the boundaries of 2002 goes to travel the population 1.3 million people, the traveling bringing in foreign exchange income total amount is 420 million US dollars.
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