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France (FRANCE)
The Republic of France

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    Full title Republic of France. Is located west Europe. West is close to Atlantic, northwest separates Straits of Dover, the English Channel and England faces one another, the southeast is close to Mediterranean Sea, east, northeast and Monaco, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium dock, southwest with Spain, Andorra borders on. Coastline long approximately 3,120 kilometers.

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    The area 551,600 square kilometers, are the Western Europe area biggest countries.
    Southeast the topography high northwest is low, the plain and the knoll occupy the national territory area 80%. Northeast is an Arden plateau part. The mountainous region concentrates in the eastern part and south the frontier region, has the Pyrenees sierra, the Alps and so on. 法意 the frontier Mont Blanc elevation 4,807 meters, are the national peaks. Within the boundaries the rivers are multitudinous, the main rivers have Loire, the Luo Nehe River, Seine and the garonne river and so on.

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    The majority of areas are the oceanity temperate zone foliage forest climate, south the Mediterranean Sea coast is the subtropics Mediterranean Sea climate. Year precipitation 600 ~ 1,000 millimeters.

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    The alumina, the iron ore, the sylvite reserves rich, the non-ferrous metal reserves are few. The water power and the geothermal resource development use is full. Forest 覆盖?approximately 27%.

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    The national division is 22 big areas.

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    A.D. 843 years form the independent country, 17 ~ 18th century achieve the feudal society the prosperous time. In 1789 erupted the bourgeoisie Great Revolution. Hereafter once experienced two times of empires and five republics. 19 century's ends become mainly the colonial empire. In Second World War is invaded by Germany, in 1944 restored the independence.

    National Day July 14.

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    The population 58.85 million, the French person accounts for 90%, Yu Weibu row tower Nepal, Busk and the Corsi fine person and so on.

    The official language is a French.

    The inhabitant mainly believes in Catholicism.

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    For economy developed capitalist country. GDP approximately 1426900000000 US dollars. The industry class is complete, mainly has the steel and iron, the shipbuilding, the building, the automobile, the machinery, the spinning and weaving, the electron, chemistry, the clothing and the food processing and so on. The nuclear power, astronautics, the ocean development and the munitions industry are also developed. France is the world second big agricultural product exports the country. The mechanization of agriculture degree is high, the agricultural product has Mai Lei, the potato, the corn, the beet, the milk, the fruit, the vegetables and so on. The foreign trade occupies the important status in the economy, mainly exports the mechanical device, the automobile, the chemical product, the steel and iron, the consumable and food and so on. Import raw material, industry product and so on.

    Foreign trade total amount 549.74 billion US dollars.

    The current money is a franc.

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The military service system France government decided that, from 1997, cancels the compulsory military service system, the implementation wish country 民役 system, established to 2003 take the professional soldier primarily, the wish service serviceman as the auxiliary 职业? army. All levels of military officers highest service fixed number of years: The high-ranking military officer is 63 years old, the field grade officer is 61 years old, the company officer is 56 years old.

Military rank minute 5 and so on 20 levels: High-ranking military officer 4 levels (general, center, major general, brigadier general), field grade officer 3 levels (colonel, lieutenant colonel, major), company officer 4 levels (captain, first lieutenant, second lieutenant, warrant officer), sergeant 6 levels (total first sergeant, first sergeant, accurate first sergeant, master sergeant, staff sergeant, corporal), soldier 3 levels (superior private, inferior soldier, buck private).

Total military strength active duty army 358,800 people

The army 203,200 people, arrange have 1 armed force (to govern 2 armored divisions, 1 mountain division) and 1 fast motion army (4 teachers).

Tank: "勒克 vegetable you" type 139, AMX - 30B2 1,071.
Armoured scout car: AML - 60,/90 155, VBLM - 11 899.
Infantry combat tank: AMX - 10P/PC 713.
Armored carrier: VAB type 3,820.
Tows the artillery: 155 millimeters 218.
Self-propelled artillery: 155 millimeters 272.
Rocket launcher: 380 millimeters 58.
Mortar: 120 millimeters 507.
Antitank guided missile: "Loves 利克 Si" "specially 660," Milan "1,405, Huo" 125.
Anti-aircraft gun: 20 millimeters 774.
Ground-to-air missile: "Hawke" 69, "Luo is blue" 156, "the northwest wind" 345.
Helicopter: 518, attack helicopter 342.

Navy 63,300 people (including naval air force and marine corps). Arranges has the water surface, submarine and anti-submarine and the mine clearance 3 combats colonies.

Aircraft carrier: "De Gaulle" level 1, "gram 莱蒙 shuttle" level 1.
Helicopter aircraft carrier: "The saint female detects Germany" level 1.
Guided-missile destroyer: "Card Saar" level 2, "cotton wool not roentgen" level 2.
Escort ship: 35, among "furrow Rhea you" level 6, "George vegetable standard" level 7, "Tours 维尔" level 3, "German peduncle peaceful natrium Dowar Wei" level 16, "Lafayette" level 3.
Submarine: 14, strategic ballistic missile nuclear-powered submarine 4, tactical submarine 8.
Patrol vessel: 40.
Mine sweeper: 21.
Amphibious naval vessel: 9.
Supports the ships: 36.

Naval air force 9,400 people. The equipment battle airplane 61, the type installs helicopter 25.

Marine corps 2,900 people. Arranges has 4 assault groups, 14 naval bases guards against the armed escort.

Air force 78,100 people. Arranges has 1 to guard against the air force (next to govern 10 radars bases, 1 aircraft squadron, 10 ground-to-air missiles continually, 170 anti-aircraft guns continually), 1 tactical air force (next governs 5 attacks fighter squadron, 7 fighter squadrons, 2 reconnaissance squadrons, 3 trainer aircrafts squadrons), 1 mobile support aviation (next governs 13 transport squadrons, 1 electronic warfare squadron, 6 helicopters squadrons, 1 trainer aircraft squadron). Equipment battle airplane 505. 

Battle airplane: "Illusory image" 345, "jaguar" 50, "alpha jet" 110.
Aew aircraft: F - 3F 4.
Aircraft-refueling vehicle: C - 135F/FR 11.
Transport aircraft: 144.
Trainer aircraft: 177.
Helicopter: 97.

Strategic nuclear power 8,700 people, navy 5,000 people, air force 3,100 people, military police 600 people. The equipment includes: The ultra-long-range missile nuclear-powered submarine "may the fear" level 3, "triumphal return" level 1, dives shoots missile 64; "Illusory image" IVP strategic bomber 5; Intermediate range ballistic missile 18. The accurate strategic nuclear power, the equipment includes: Navy "super colors" attack airplane 36; Air force "illusory image" 2000N bomber aircraft 60.

Civilian personnel 99,000 people.

Reserve duty army 292,500 people. Army 195,500 person, navy 27,000 person, air force 70,000 people.

Paramilitary forces military police 93,700 people. The equipment has the armored vehicle 474, the mortar 813, helicopter 42.

Deploys the army main deployment in French and the German frontier and north the area, the navy key deployment in Mediterranean Sea and area the Atlantic coast, air force main deployment in northeastern part and middle area. Altogether has military base 74, army base 16, naval base 8, air force base 50.

Is stationed abroad the military strength in Germany 11,700 person, the peaceful row Si area 5,000 person, French Guiana 3,600 person, the Indian Ocean area 4,000 person, new ? in many in Asia 3,900 person, Polynesia 3,800 person, Chad 800 person, Ketediwa 500 person, Djibouti 1,500 person, Gabon 600 person, the Senegalese 1,300 people. Joins the United Nations the peace-keeping operations: In Angola 3 person, Bosnia-Herzegovina 3,300 person, 克罗地亚 201 people, Egypt 17 person, Georgia 4 person, Iraqi/Kuwait 11 person, Lebanon 246 person, Middle East person, Saudi Arabia 170 person, Western Sahara 24 people.


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    Transportation developed, the water, the land, the aerial transport are extremely convenient.

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    Capital Paris. The main city has Marseilles, Rouen, Bordeaux, Cannes and so on.

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