North America

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    North the entire name the American continent, is called North America. The area 24.228 million square kilometers, approximately compose the world land total area 16.2%, is the world third big continent.

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    Is located north the The Western Hemisphere, east is near Atlantic, west is close to the Pacific Ocean, north depends on Arctic Ocean, south separates the Panama Canal and the South America is neighboring. East the mainland the highest sage Charles angle, the winter solstice Mali Asia holds the angle, west to prince of wales angle, north to cloth west Asia peninsula Murchison angle. North America besides includes the Panama Canal by the northern Americas, but also includes in the Caribbean Sea the various archipelagoes.

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    The islands total area approximately 400 square kilometers, occupy head of the various continents, the Greenland island for world most Oshima.
    The mainland terrain basic characteristic is the sierra which the north and south moves towards distributes in the thing two sides and the seacoast parallel, the great plains distribute in middle. Alaska's Mackinlay mountain elevation 6,194 meters, are the North America high points. The south death valley is lower than the sea level 86 meters. For The Western Hemisphere land most low point.
    Besides the st lawrence river, all rivers all originate to Rocky Mountains. East of Rocky Mountains' rivers separately flow in Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, the west of rivers pour into the Pacific Ocean. The Mississippi river is the North America biggest rivers, according to the length is the world fourth river. In North America's rivers the multi- waterfalls, the dropping variance biggest waterfall is approximately fills 米蒂 the waterfall, the dropping variance amounts to 700 meters. Niagara Falls, dropping variance 51 meters, width 1,240 meters. The North America multi- lakes, the fresh water lake total area 400,000 square kilometers, occupy various continents first place. Middle the region of no relief five big lakes are in the world the biggest fresh water lake group, is biggest by the Superior lake area, is the world first big fresh water lake.

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    The North America cross tropics, the temperate zone, the frigid zone, the climate complex is diverse. North in the arctic circle, south Caribbean Sea profit the equator warm current, middle the mainland is located the North temperate zone.

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    The population 468 million, approximately composes the world total population 8%. The majority of inhabitants are the caucasians, is the European immigrant's descendant.

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    North America has 23 independent countries and several areas. Divides into, middle, west, Alaska, the Canadian North Pole archipelago, the Greenland island, Mexican, Central America and the Caribbean Sea various archipelagoes nine areas eastern part the geography.

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