The main body is the old age hawk which in front of a chest has the shield shape design. The old age hawk is the American national bird, it is the strength, the courage, the freedom and the immortal symbol. The shield surface upper half for the blue color horizontal rectangle, gets down the half for the vertical strip which is red, alternates with in vain, its implication with national flag. Above the hawk goes against the crown symbol to be born in the world sovereign state a new independent national - United States of America; Goes against in the crown to have 13 white five pointed stars, represents American initial 13 states. Hawk's two fingernails separately grab the olive branch and the arrow, symbolic peace and the military force. The hawk mouth is holding in the mouth on the decadent colorful silk ribbon writes with Latin "is gathering the audiences is one", Italy is composed for the United States of America by very many states, is a complete country.