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JavaScript Function calculator 函数计算器

This calculator calculates JavaScript numerical expressions and runs JavaScript code, and plots and visualizes JavaScript functions over the real domain. The independent variable must be typed as x for evaluation. Type an expression into the box and press Enter key in your keyboard to evaluate.

For example:

  1. x=2; x^2
    assign 2 to x, then calculate x^2.
  2. f(x)=x^2; f(2)
    define function f(x), then calculate f(2).
  3. integrate(x=>sin(x),[1,2])
    calculate integration sin(x) from 1 to 2, more calculus operations are in JavaScript calculus, where f is JavaScript function, e.g. x=>sin(x)
  4. g=[1,2]; g.reverse()
    reverse the order of elements in list g. List, vector, matrix and array are the same as array in JavaScript.
  5. g=[[1,1],[1,2]]; inverse(g)
    inverse matrix, more matrix operations are in matrix calculator.
  6. sin(x-timer(9))
    for animation, add the timer(t) function and change animation speed by the different t value.
  7. ds(x=>sin(x),x,0.5)
    plot the 0.5 order derivative = semi derivative
  8. ds(x=>sin(x),x,-0.5)
    plot the -0.5 order derivative = semi integral
  9. matrix calculator and math calculator and web editor can run more JavaScript code.

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