Options for graphics objects are specified as JavaScript dictionaries. Unless specified otherwise, common default options are

colorazure blue

Additional object-specific options are listed below each.

arrow( begin, end, options ) — two-dimensional arrow from beginning to end

box( width, depth, height, options ) — box of specified dimensions centered at the origin

centervector position, default [0,0,0]

cylinder( radius, height, options ) — cylinder of specified dimensions

axisarbitrary vector direction, default [0,0,1]
centervector position, default [0,0,0]
openEndedBoolean to draw cylinder ends, default true
stepsinteger determining surface smoothness, default 20

line( points, options ) — two- or three-dimensional line joining an array of points

endcapsBoolean to include spheres to smooth joints, default false
radiusfloat for drawing the line as an extended cylinder

point( point, options ) — two- or three-dimensional point


sphere( radius, options ) — sphere of specified radius

centervector position, default [0,0,0]
stepsinteger determining surface smoothness, default 20

text( string, point, options ) — string of text at the two- or three-dimensional point