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The 12th chapter
endocrine system

The endocrine system organizes two parts of constitutions by the endocrine organ and the internal secretion.

First, thyroid gland

(one) shape

The thyroid gland assumes “H” the shape, divides the left and right lateral lobe and the canyon department.

(two) position

Thyroid gland located at throat and trachea's both sides, thyroid gland canyon located at 2~4th cartilago trachealis link's front. Swallows when may reciprocate along with the throat.

Second, parathyroid

(one) shape

The parathyroid is the yellowish brown flat ellipse minute, high and low each pair.

(two) position

The parathyroid located at the thyroid gland two lateral lobe's after skirts, may bury in its essence.

Third, adrenal gland

(one) shape

The adrenal gland resembles the meniscus left, resembles the triangle right.

(two) position

Adrenal gland located at left and right kidney's upper extreme, with kidney together diaper in fascia renalis.


Fourth, pituitary gland

(one) position shape

Pituitary gland located at fossa hypophyseos, ellipse.

(two) branch

1. gland pituitary gland

Located at pituitary gland front part, including far lateral, tubercle department, middle.

2. posterior pituitary

Located at pituitary gland behind, including neurology department, funnel department.