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The second section
lymphatic system

The lymphatic system by the lymph pipeline, the lymphoid organ, the Lymphatic tissue constitutes.

First, lymph pipeline

(one) capillarity lymph vessel

Is the lymph pipeline's section start, the characteristic is:

1. the pipe wall only has an endothelial cell constitution.

2. the permeability is bigger than the blood capillary. Therefore the clinical cancer cell sees the lymph shift.

(two) lymph vessel

Synthesizes by the capillarity lymph vessel, the characteristic is:

1. the structure similar vein, the wall is thin, the diameter is thin.

2. has the similar valvulae venarum type structure, urges the lymph centripetal backflow.

3. point depth, shallow two groups.

4. in the centripetal backflow process, must pass through the multistage lymph nodes.

(three) the lymph does

Altogether nine:

1. the left and right neck does: Collection pate lymph.

2. the left and right subclavian does: Collection upper limb lymph.

3. the left and right bronchial tube mediastinum does: Collection chest lymph.

4. left and right menopause: Collects the lower limb, the trough department, the abdominal wall, the abdominal cavity doubling internal organs' lymph.

5. the intestines do: Collects the abdominal cavity not to form a pair internal organs' lymph.   

(four) lymphatic ducts

1. ductus thoracicus: Is the biggest lymphatic ducts.

(1) outset: The date from cisterna chyli, located at the 1st lumbar vertebra front, does the convergence by the left and right menopause and the intestines to become.

(2) walks the line: Walks the line along the spinal column, puts on diaphragm's aoricus to enter the chest cavity, receives the left neck in the left neck root to do, the left subclavian to do, the left bronchial tube mediastinum to do, pours into the left vein angle.

(3) collection scope: Altogether six do. The left menopause, the right menopause, the intestines do, the left neck to do, the left subclavian to do, the left bronchial tube mediastinum to do.


2. right lymphatic ducts

Does, the right subclavian by the right neck to do, the right bronchial tube vertical diaphragm to do, three do the convergence to become. Pours into the right vein angle.


Second, lymphoid organ

Lymphoid organ including lymph node, spleen and thymus.

(one) lymph node

1. shape

The ash red minute, the nature is soft. The raised side has several input lymph vessels, the concave side has an output lymph vessel.

2. whole body important lymph node

under (1) lower jaw lymph node: Located at the lower jaw under around the gland, pours into the neck flank deep lymph node. Mainly collects the face and the oral cavity lymph.

(2) neck flank deep lymph node: Along the vena jugularis interna arrangement, its output lymph vessel composition neck does.

(3) armpit lymph node: Located at the armpit, its output lymph vessel composition subclavian does.

(4) inguen shallow lymph node: Divides two groups, on the group arranges along the ligamentum inguinale underneath, next group along vena saphena magna terminal arrangement.

(two) spleen

1. position

The disposition in the left regio hypochondriaca, corresponds with 9~11 ribs, the major axis is consistent with the 10th rib.

2. shape

For ellipse essence organ, weight surface two reasons.

(1) both sides

1) facies diaphragmaticon: Smooth, with diaphragm relative.

2) dirty surface: Hollow, near central committee place is the spleen gate.

(2) two reasons

1) lower limb: Obtuse circle.

2) upper limb: Sharp, some 2~3 spleens cut the mark, is the clinical palpation spleen's symbol.

3. function:①Hemopoiesis.②Chu Xue.③Filters the blood.④Participation immune response.

Spleen's shape position function

Left regio hypochondriaca hidden spleen    The nature soft and crisp not attacks

Nine to 11 ribs relative    Major axis ten ribs consistent

Under the normal rib does not touch    Touches the spleen to cut the mark tumescently

Human body biggest lymphatic organ    Makes Chu Lvxue the concurrently immunity